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SOUVENIR EXIBITION: one of souvenir display at Souvenir Center UMM. Hopefully, with this souvenir design competition can enrich kind of UMM souvenir.   


As a famous university, University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) is often to be references visitor from domestic and international for comparative study and tourism visitation. Most of them asked UMM souvenir when exchanging souvenirs. They wanted something interesting and easy to remember. To respond it, Student Bureau UMM held souvenir design competition special UMM character.

“We believe UMM students are creative,” said special staff of Vice Rector III UMM, Joko Widodo. Therefore, his party provided creative place for all student of UMM. It was believed can improve the nuance of entrepreneurship in this campus. 

Joko added, souvenir which is to be competed must have sale value and easy to produce. “There was discussion to provide special stand to show all souvenirs the result of this competition,” he said. 

The competition of souvenir design is first competition in UMM. According to Joko, if the result of competition is good and satisfied, probably this event will be held next year. 

Furthermore, the participant of competition is not limited and every participant can register more than one souvenir. Committee provided a total of prize 15 million rupiah, with details, 1st winner Rp 3.000.000, 2nd winner Rp 2.500.000, 3rd winner Rp 2.000.000, and for 10 runners up each of them will get Rp 750.000. For more information just click

The souvenir that to be competed are in the form of t-shirt, hat, jacket, sticker, keychain, mug and ornament. For team of jury, the participants don’t worry because the committee has prepared entrepreneurs in the field of souvenirs who has networking to develop this business. There are also several juries from costumer.

When it was announced via social media, said Joko, there were UMM alumni who are enthusiastic and gave a positive respond to this competition. Moreover they have business and networking in this field. “So about marketing, many alumni who could give way,” he said.

Good publication was accepted by UMM student. One of them is Fany Puspita who interested with this competition. “Beside interested with the prize, this competition also can be used as portfolio and add to the work,” said student of Communication Department. Fany expected event as this competition often to be held by UMM. (nai/han/t_zuh)




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