Participating Prestigious Festival, PSM Gita Surya Wins Three Medals

Author : Humas | Friday, February 06, 2015 16:11 WIB

Student’s Activities Unit (UKM) Students Choir (PSM) Gita Surya University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) successfully won three medals in 28th Choir Festival of Technology Institute of Bandung (ITB) held during January 24th – February 1st, 2015 in Bandung. Firstly held in 1968, FPS-ITB is recognised as the oldest National Choir Festival in Indonesia.

            In this festival, PSM Gita Surya won a gold medal in Indonesian Folksong category, two silver medals in Equal Female category and Classical Mixed respectively. Automatically, according to Chief of PSM Gita Surya, Yuda Triambodo, UMM team won medal in all categories.

            Besides those three categories, Yuda continued, other four categories in this festival themed “Harmony in Diversity” were Elementary School category, Junior High category, Senior High category, and Male Choir category.

            This achievements, said Yuda, were not instantly happened. Four months earlier, this team guided by Anas Dwi Satriyo had worked hard in those three categories. The team consisted of 46 singers always practiced 5 times a week, added by choral clinic along with guest instructor Budi Susanto Yohannes and Yossafat Rannu Lempong.

            Adding, he also explained that in order to support best performance, a month earlier before departing, PSM Gita Surya held Pre-Competition Concert in December 28th, 2014. “It aims to evaluate team preparation before joining the competition,” said him.

            Meanwhile, one of team members, Dicki Panji Wicaksono, told that the success was due to the discipline created by all team members. “We wish to grasp success together. We fight for joy in singing,” he explained.

            Previously, Dicky also got involved in many competitions, such as: first winner in East Java Competition held by Kopertis and first winner in Choir Festival of State University of Jember. Both competitions were held in last year.

            Apart from being winner in both regional and national competition, PSM Gita Surya also won bronze medal in International Festival named Choral Busan Festival and Competition 2013 in Classical Mixed Voices category. This festival was held in Busan, South Korea. At that time, the team from PSM Gita Surya competed with 20 finalists from America, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Philippine, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. (han/t_stu)



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