Ikhwan Marzuqi: The Way to Succeed is Simple

Author : Humas | Monday, November 19, 2018 09:40 WIB
 Ikhwan Marzuqi and his book. (Aan/PR)

 “Succes is relative. Every person has their own definition about success. So, there is no fix definition about what the success is,” siad Ikhwan Marzuqi, student of Faculty of Medicine of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FK UMM) in 2015. Ikhwan is reviewing the contents of his new published book, 50 Things that Bring You to Success.


For Ikhwan, the steps to succeed was begun when he found his definition of success. Then, he run to reach his success. However, reviewed more detail from the book published by PT Elex Media Komputindo, when someone reaches success, he not only get to work hard but also work smart. This book reviewed 50 things to reach succees for everyone.


One of examples working smart, continued Ikhwan, is beginning everthing by sincerity and praying. It’s not begun with an effort then du’a yet while doing the process since the first till the last should be accompanied by the du’a and sincerity. He reputed, most people placed du’a in the last after an effort.


 “In my opinion, it’s not right because placing The Creator (Allah Almighty) in the second after our effort. So, we always haveto pray so that we remain in His guidance,” continued the man who also published his book, Spiritual Enlightenment: Kenali, Cintai dan Sayangi Pencerahan Spiritual (Recognize and Love Spiritual Enlightenment), in 20017.


According to Ikhwan, success is enjoy what we have in our life. It might be happy, peace, and calm with what we have already. He said that definition of success is simple, providing he can enjoy his life.


In the book with 200 pages, he told that to reach the success peopele used to living simplicity. Continued Ikhwan, when people have succeded, so that they would not spent time uselessly.


Someone also feel insufficient for his achievement because they are unable to distinguish between needs and desires. “So, we have to have simplicity to be grateful for every achievement and want what we need only. That should be owned,” explained Ikhwan.


The professor of UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Prof.Abd.A’la commented that the author’s expertise in dialogue with substantive islamic values and universal human values makes this book is not only able to explain and reach tips for success but also have the intrinsic meaning of success and happiness.


Furthermore, the Ikhwan's work has violently sued our diversity, without having to offend us. In other hand, we feel failed or sad because we have religion as we were born, yet our religiosity has to be holistic-tranformative,” said Abd.A’la. (ard)



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