IKABAMA UMM Invites Students Nostalgic 90's Song

Author : Humas | Sunday, April 08, 2018 14:02 WIB
Enlivening Rector Cup even of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Student Band Activity Association (IKABAMA) held Band competition among faculty on Saturday (7/4). The event was in the parking lot in front of Joint Lecture Building (GKB) II UMM and followed by representative bands from each faculty. Each faculty was two representative bands maximumly.
Different from last years, IKABAMA now brought 90 'Intimates "Kacamatamu" theme . Ajeng Reva, the chief executive of the event, said that the theme was to invite everyone to express about the 90's.
"How we look 90s from our own glasses because the 90's is complex. Here, each participant must present a 90s song for the mandatory song," she said (usy / sil)
Established since 23 September 1993, IKABAMA is one of famous music UKM that in Malang and also coloring student activity of White Campus. This organization presents a form of actuality and creativity of students, especially in the field of music art.
Through Rector Cup event, UKM which is commonly called Laskar Bernada UMM is carrying a mission to invite UMM students, especially interested in the field of music in order to develop talents and interests.
 "We want to introduce that IKABAMA is not only for those who can play music. For those who want to learn, here we can learn together," said Ajeng, an International Relations student of UMM.
Not only band festifal among the faculty, on the night the event presented local bands and IKABAMA Home Bands such as Cable Car Romance, Desperado, DJ JAPSSS, Sal Priadi, Kangaroopunch, and The Lion Mustache. In addition, there were also musical poetry of UMM literature, Vespa Bosca UMM and UMM Lentera UMM.
Ruli Inayah Ramadhoan, M.Si UKM IKABAMA UMM coach conveyed that besides the 90s song, the show was also special with 90s band costumed and other old-fashioned knick-knacks.
"To support the nuances of 90's, in addition to the costumes of the participants, the stage also displayed with friends of 90s classic motorcycle community," said the lecturer of International Relations Study Program.


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