IKA UMM Receive Land Grant to Establish Milenia Politeknik

Author : Humas | Thursday, July 04, 2019 14:13 WIB
Nur Alamsyah Syahid,S.Pd.,M.P.H. (in white). (Photo: Winarno/PR UMM)

Recently the East Kalimantan regional (Kaltim) University Muhammadiyah Malang  Alumni Association (IKA UMM) received a mandate from the Kaltim provincial government to manage ex-coal mining land to become an education center, the Milenia Polytechnic.UMM IKA is trusted to manage 3 fields in 3 different locations.

All of the facilities were available, just need the other UMM alumni inactuating this program. “Because if this is successfully realized, it will be a good opportunity for UMM graduates to work in the milenia polytechnic,” said one of the initiators, Nur Alamsyah Syahid, S.Pd.,M.P.H., Tuesday (2/7).

 “We hope that IKA UMM can recover the abandoned mining area to be rehabilitated, and we hope that we can be the pioneer for a big operated company in that place. Both in education, agriculture, livestock, health, and many other fields,” said Alam.

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Getting full support from the government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency and also the East Kalimantan Provincial Government made the management and members of the East Kalimantan Regional UMM IKA admit their enthusiasm inrealizingthe establishment of a polytechnic withthe focus on animal husbandry and agriculturein their early development.

The first location was in Karang Tunggal village, Tenggarong Seberang sub-district. In this village, there are 1.8 hectares land and 2-storey buildings. This building was originally planned for the education and training agency of the Kutai Kartanegara Regency and the building model looks like a lecture hall.

The second location was in the Bangun Rejo Village Tenggarong Seberang sub-district. This 4 hectare location was planned to be a mini laboratory, especially for agriculture and farming, considering the Kaltim land contour was suitable to be planted agriculture and farming products.

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The last location is the location which is the main focus of the East Kalimantan provincial government with 400 hectares of ex-coal miningland. At this location,a mosque will be built around the boarding school aroundthe mosque. The currently on-going stage is managing the land administration.

 “Seeing those three areas, remind us to UMM with those 3 different location campus. The ex-coal land was planned to be the center of Polytechnic Milenia just like UMM with all of the three campuses,” said Alam while nostalgizing with his admired alma mater. (joh)



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