UMM IKA Held Ruang Rindu Reunion

Author : Humas | Monday, July 29, 2019 10:53 WIB
The functionary of IKA UMM when singing Ruang Rindu songs with the famous band Letto. (Photo: Rino / PR)

The University of Muhammadiyah Malang Alumni Association (IKA UMM) held a reunion which rose up the theme Ruang Rindu, Saturday (7/27). The event was attended by Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Mendikbud RI) Prof. Dr. Muhajir Effendy, M.A.P, Regent of Pasuruan M. Irsyad Yusuf, S.E, MMA who was also the chairman of IKA UMM, Regent of Kutai Kartanegara Drs. Edi Damansyah M.Sc and UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd.

This reunion was one of the agenda in order to unite the old friendship that was not intertwined due to distance and time. After being inaugurated through a decision letter from the UMM Rector, Irsyad swiftly coordinated to initiate a number of strategic steps with his staff. "We have planned ideas to support the progress of UMM in the future," he said during his speech.

This man who was familiarly called Gus Irsyad then hoped that in the future every province will have branches of UMM IKA. This had the purpose to coordinate the expansion of the usefulness movement. Through a large scale, the usefulness of UMM alumni will be felt more in a way for the progress of the people and the nation which is also embodied in its vision and mission.

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The Regent of Kutai Kertanegara, Edi also expressed his pride in being an alumnus of UMM. On this occasion, he signed a memorandum of understanding with UMM to work together to establish a Vocational Education Center in Kutai Kertanegara. "Hopefully this will be the first step to disseminate the spirit of Muhammadiyah to the Nation," he said.

"This moment is the right time to take action to give benefit to the people," said Fauzan, UMM Rector. UMM IKA must be the front guard who initiated various efforts to advance the alma mater of the White Campus Red Jacket.

Convenient in one table of the administrators of IKA UMM together with the UMM Rector and the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture. (Photo: Rino / PR)

For Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir, the presence of IKA UMM can be a strategic part of UMM to continue to grow rapidly. "Maybe our age is 90 years old. But let's think a hundred or even thousands of years into the future for a bright future, one of them is through this UMM IKA, "he said. At the 55th age of UMM, Muhadjir hoped that IKA UMM could continue to provide benefits for the people and the nation.

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The distribution of UMM alumni in Indonesia, continued Muhadjir, who was the UMM Rector for the period 2008-2016, should be utilized properly especially for those who were serving in government, entrepreneurs and in sharing other sectors. It was as delegated to the world of politics like Ershad Yusuf who was currently serving as Regent of Pasuruan.

The event was enlivened by the famous Indonesian band which had boomed in the era of 2007, Letto. This Yogyakarta music group consisted of Noe as a vocalist, Patub as a guitarist, Arian as a bassist, and Dhedot as a drummer. Some of the flagship songs that were delivered successfully enlivened the atmosphere, including Sandaran Hati, Permintaan Hati, Sebelum Cahayaand at the end of the Ruang Rindu. (Win)



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