IIUCP UMM Holds 3 Workshops, Integrating Islamic Values and Psychological Sciences

Author : Humas | Sunday, October 21, 2018 15:12 WIB

IN the development of integrated Psychology with Islamic values, Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held 3 workshops at a time. The entire series of workshops was at a series of Inter-Islamic University Conference on Psychology (IIUCP) event. The event was held at the IV Lecture Building of Campus III UMM on Sunday (10/21) yesterday.

The first workshop was "Developing Islamic Character for Youth" delivered by Dr. Bagus Riyono, MA, Lecturer at Faculty of Psychology UGM. In the workshop, it was conveyed that in order to understand a person's character, what must be done is to understand the basic principles of human life which is called fitrah or sunnatullah.

"It’s included teenagers who will become a holder of leadership in this country.  The participants here are trained to understand and be able to apply various ways and approaches in developing children's character related toIslamic principles," explained Bagus.

The second workshop was "Developing Islamic Character for Children through DIAMOND: A Game of Experiential Learning" delivered by Dr. Iswinarti, M.Sc, UMM Psychology Faculty Lecturer. In this workshop, Iswinarti trained participants to be able to introduce and build positive character of children, of course based on Islamic values ​​through a unique method of traditional games.

This method, continued Iswinarti, proved to improve problem solving abilities in children, the ability to control themselves, cooperation and empathy. Also, it contains values ​​related to moral development such as honesty / sportsmanship, an unyielding spirit, motivation to achieve achievement, as well as learning to obey the rules. In this game also contains good values ​​and wisdom related to Islamic values.

Furthermore, the third workshop was delivered by Hanan Dover Ph.D, a clinical and forensic psychologist related to "Integrating Psychological, Spiritual and Physical Health for Comprehensive Health". According to Hanan Dover, there are various psychological information and therapies that can improve the functioning of the client or patient (muslim).

"So the overall health improves. He added that psychology is not a separate science but also be integrated with the concepts of Islam and religiosity," said Hanan who is the Vice President of the International Association of Muslim Psychologists.

Through various organizing workshops, Adhyatman as the organizer of the event said, opeflly the practitioners and Muslim scientists will grow their spirit in the development of scientific and Islamic therapy.  They also can contribute to further strengthening the Islamic Psychology as a branch of science. (ard)



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