Pujon Forest to Be Managed by UMM as an Eco-Education

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 26, 2017 13:52 WIB
The view of Pujon Forest that will be managed by UMM as an eco-education.

THROUGH a grant from the Environment and Forestry Ministry  of the Republic of Indonesia, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has been believed to manage the land of production forest and conservation forest a total of ​​258 hectares that located in Pujon District, Malang Regency.

UMM Forestry Department Chairman Tatag Muttaqin said that the forest land that received by UMM was planned to be a special area for educational activities such as research, conservation, development of herbal planting area, eco-education and creation of alternative innovation land of forest management.

For UMM Rector Fauzan, this trust was an honor for UMM to take part in forest conservation since the forest areas in Indonesia are rapidly decreasing.

"The position of UMM as a university is needed for developing and improving of quality and benefit of forest as a tool of science development," said Fauzan, on Thursday, October 26.

Sugeng Triharyadi, an analyst of forest area use from the Forest Area Consolidation Center (BPKH) of Region XI Java-Madura stated that he welcomed warmly this attempt. According to him, it would be better if the forest area was used for education and researching that are conserving.

"Especially if (we) can prosper the surrounding people," he said.

In addition to managing forest in Pujon, currently UMM is on
process of proposing forest area management in South Malang. The forest areas that proposed by UMM would be the dedication field of UMM students and lecturers for people. (Naz)



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