The 15th Anniversary: Kopma UMM Holds the Entrepreneur Bazaar

Author : Humas | Monday, September 28, 2015 13:17 WIB
Several students selling their products in entrepreneur bazaar of Kopma UMM, Monday (28/9). 

TEENS of students’ booth enlivened the 15th anniversary of the Students Activity Unit (UKM) Students’ Cooperative (Kopma) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). The bazaar was held on Monday to Tuesday (28-29/9) in front of UMM Biology Lab. It was participated by entrepreneur students with various products, such as food, beverages, shoes, headscarf, women accessories, bag, books and travel service.

“This bazaar is the manifestation of the Kopma that provides place for students who want to be entrepreneur,” said Abdullah Zabidi Muchlis, General Chairman of Kopma UMM.

There was no limitation for the students in selling their products. The students were free of any charge.

“This is a kind of support from UMM to help students developing their entrepreneurship,” said Zabidi.

Positive responses were given by the participants. One of them, Faridatus Solihah, a UMM student of Management, admitted that she was really enthusiastic participating the event since she could introduce her products to the UMM students. “It benefits me and my partners in promoting our products,” said her.

The students who visited the bazaar seemed really enthusiastic in seeing or choosing the products. The bazaar itself succeeded to draw students’ attention in seeing or buying the products. “I can’t stand to not stopping by, the products they selling are good,” said Desi, one of the visitors.

The closing day of the bazaar will be presented with the UMM students’ attraction. The other UKMs and UMM organizations will also be invited. (fid/zul/han/t_far)



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