Nur Latifa's Hobby in Collecting Orchid Generates Research-Based Business

Author : Humas | Friday, November 25, 2016 16:11 WIB


Best graduate of Faculty of Training and Education UMM, Nur Latifa.

It was very fun when we do what we liked and then it was became research material which was very useful for our academic career. Nur Latifa, the best graduate of Faculty of Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) whose GPA was 3.91 did this for her thesis.

Since she loved orchid, she used this flower as her thesis material. She is the daughter of Mr.Husaini and Ms.Siti Kholifa. Her thesis title was “Effect of Addition Concentration of Tomato Juice on Media Vacin and Went (VW) on the Growth of Dendrobium orchid plantlets In vitro conanthum as a Learning Resource Biology".

Ifa also was also doing Orchid business while writing her final project. “initially, I bought Orchid that was flowering. After that, I did selfing towards it. Selfing is a technique to make mating with the flower itself in order to produce a new flower. Since I did not have green house at that time, so I put the seeds in  the orchid cultivation for culturing”.

Before doing business, Latifa had big interested in orchids. She had many kinds of Orchid in her house, Probolinggo. One of them was phalaenopsis anabilis, dendrobium capra and dendrium strepsiceros. 

Dendrobium is one of Orchid genus that is the consumers like the most. Time by time passed, the request of Orchid were increasing. To fulfill the request of buyers, it needed Orchid in large quantities.

Latifa said “The growth of orchid plantlet take a long time. The success of culture in vitro is determined by the media used. The addition of organic material into media is done to optimize the growth of the plants which is cultured”

The research strongly supported the business she had. It was also supported by her skill in research and science. When she was in Secondary school, she was on the top 5 in National Science Olympiad (OSN) of Probolinggo. That is why she chose Biology major in UMM.

Besides, she succeeded both academic and business. She was also good in writing and joined some authorship competition for several times. Her writing entitled “Hijrah di Jalan Cinta-Nya” was published in story mini Matahari anthology book. She also made a lot of prose in her personal blog.(Can / han)



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