HI and FEB Introduces Indonesia Economic Diplomacy

Author : Humas | Friday, March 27, 2015 19:04 WIB
Enthusiasm: Students of HI and FEB UMM seem enthusiastic listening to economic diplomacy explanation delivered byDirector of Technical Cooperation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) RI Siti Nugraha Mauludiah, on Friday (27/3) in UMM Dome.

The coming of Director of Technical Cooperation (KST) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu RI) Siti Nugraha Mauludiah in UMM was welcomed enthusiastically by students of International Relations Department (HI) and Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB). Her arrival on Friday (27/03) was attending a discussion and guest lecturing themed “Economic Diplomacy Through Technical Supports,” held in Theater room, UMM Dome.

            In her speech, Siti Nugraha explained about many KST programs, one of which was technical supports given by Indonesia for other developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. It was given in form of training, scholarship, and expert support. “It is not charity. It’s rather solidarity for those countries,” said Siti Nugraha.  

            She also agreed that Indonesia had learned from other developed countries in terms of supporting fund. Despite the absence of financial support, Indonesia still tried to provide technical support to those countries. “Image of our country (Indonesia, red) has been lifted up for this such program,” she added.

            In Indonesia, economic diplomacy has been done by non-state holders and it has been acknowledged by International. Through KST, not only does Indonesia gain great status, it also gains the great opportunity in terms of both economy and politic. International has welcomed this such supporting program.

            The importance of this diplomacy information has been well-recognized by Lutfiah, one of International Relation students. Accordingly, due to his current status as prospective diplomat, she has to understand this program. “Indonesia has a great potency to support other developing countries,” she said. (dar/han/t_stu)



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