Hattrick! UMM Represents Indonesia in the American Robot Contest

Author : Humas | Monday, June 24, 2019 14:14 WIB
The Robotic Team at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) posed after winning at the Indonesian Robot Competition (KRI) in the category of Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Robot Contest (KRPAI)

The Robotic Team of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won again the title of the Indonesian Robot Competition (KRI) in the category of Indonesian Fire Extinguisher Robot Contest (KRPAI) at Dian Nuswantoro University Semarang (20-23 / 6). It was Ghufron Wahyu Kurniawan, Izzan Silmi Aziz, and Bayu Irawan Nugroho who brought ‘DOME’ to be the fastest robot with the best final time score; 3.44.

The UMM DOME Robot competed with ‘EILERO’, a robot team from Surabaya State Electronic Polytechnic with a final acquisition of 3.82. This award named the White Campus team for the third time to go to the world-class prestigious competition title, Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest (TCFFHRC) at Trinity College Hartford Connecticut, United States in the mid-year of 2020.

In 2017, two teams from UMM bought a first place and second place at the same time for the legged robot category. The two teams were the InaMuh team as the first winner and the Unmuh Malang team as the second winner. The InaMuh team also won the best poster champion. Also in April 2019, the three UMM teams won the first and second place for the legged fire fighting robot category, and second place for the wheeled fire fighting robot category.

Khusnul Hidayat as the field supervisor also opened the secret which was the key to DOME's victory, "At least there are some main points that make our team superior compared to other teams. First is our robot team using a special liquid which is a substitute for water, "Khusnul said after his team received a championship trophy at The Club Graha Padma Venue (23/6).

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In addition, the second was a smaller size that had a positive impact on efficiency and flexibility of movement so that the movement of the DOME robot was slightly faster than the others. "This is what makes UMM robots more perfect because it has advantages in terms of movement and efficiency in fire fighting," said the man who was also the Lecturer of Technical of Electrical Engineering at the UMM Faculty of Engineering.

The third was when passing obstacles that were in the Arena to search for fires and extinguish them. This was done by UMM DOME robots with no constraints so that the results obtained became more perfect and the UMM DOME Robot deserved to be the toughest opponent for all contestants with a total of 22 participants in this category. This KRI event was divided into 6 categories.

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"In the future, hopefully, our Robotic team will continue to prosper and succeed. I order my children to always keep up with technology and in the future, we will prepare robots that will be brought to the United States to represent Indonesia because they have won this fire fighting robot contest, "concluded Dr. Ahmad Mubin, MT. as Dean of the UMM Faculty of Engineering. (Win)



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