Work Assignment, Students Showcase Agronomy Plant in A Pot

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 06, 2016 12:46 WIB
UMM students were observing an ornamental plant in the exhibition Agro.

Study program of Agro Technology Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (FPP) UMM created new innovations. The results was exhibited in front of 1st Gedung Kuliah Bersama (GKB) UMM. Some of the works was a mini garden in a pot and a mini park in the aquarium.

The exhibition was a realization of architectural subjects. 63 works of 5th semester students Agro Technology study program were exhibited for one week (5-10 / 12). Practicum done was to create a dish garden and teratorium. The Lecturer, Dr Ir MSi Nursandi Fatimah explained that, dish garden was a plant in the pot. Meanwhile, teratorium was a plant in transparent media.

Fatimah explained that, the exhibition had the purpose to allow students to understand how to care for plants properly and how to design the plant in containers of small size. "Practice was held with the aim to make students understand how to manage the environment as well as to learn entrepreneurship," she said.

Previously, students were also invited to go to the field to create an instant garden. "Usually at the events such as graduations governing the gardens are Agro Technology students who are this course," said Fat, her nickname.

Fatimah explained that, by giving students assignments and exhibitions, they were not arbitrary in making tasks. Many things could be achieved in this lab, said Fatimah, including awareness of students about business opportunities in the field of very large landscaping.

Not only that, Fatimah also wanted that, students were asked to pay attention to the types of plants around. "Dish garden or teratorium made could last for 3 months and the maximum is one year," said Fatimah.

Students were also taught entrepreneurship by selling the lab work in accordance with its expenditures. Fatimah said further that, there were 9 plants sold from 63 plants on display, and would likely be more.

Fat encouraged the students to give the price according to the cost, energy and thoughts. "The important is not only the return on investment, but also how the ability students to appreciate their thoughts and effort itself," she explained.

The practical tasks would be resumed in Program Kreatifitas Mahasiswa Kewirausahaan (PKM-K). "The practical products will be placed at each table campus officials such as vice-rector office or the vice-dean for teratorium. Whereas, for the dish garden will be placed in strategic places like in front of the rector's office or in front of the vice-rector, "said Fat. (Jal / han)



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