Harnold, “a Young Diplomat To Be” Who Has Traveled Around The World

Author : Humas | Monday, May 14, 2018 10:25 WIB

Harnold, an International Relation student of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) officially graduated on May 16, 2018 and got his degree in Political Science (SIP). He has been a delegation of Indonesia for three times at Model United Nations (MUN) Conference which is a simulation meeting of United Nations.

In 2018, Harnold who comes from Tarakan became the delegation of Indonesia in Germany, Canada, and Bangkok. He actively involved in UMM MUN and got an Honourable Mention in Germany. Harnold said, “We practiced to stimulate how the UN meeting goes. We represent how our country looks like, how to be a president, how to be a diplomat, and how to be a ministry of foreign affairs and discuss about an issue”.

MUN is a place to sharpen skills such as public speaking, debate, teamwork, and writing skill. Harnold has been actively involved in activities since he was in the fourth semester. He said that at the first time getting involved in it, he did not take it seriously. But, now he realizes that opportunities come from the intention of trying something new. He said, “When I apply for something and I am accepted, it makes me want to try more and not give up on something. This is real. When I was Canada, I was afraid. So, I tried to do something that makes me not afraid anymore”. Harnold shared tips to support diplomacy activities. He has been joining dozens of conferences and did international projects. Interestingly, he prefers read international news by online than reading a book. He said, “I usually browse news portals such as BBC, newspaper, New York Times. I even download the applications. It is very helpful for an International student like me”.

After graduated from UMM, Harnold plans to take master degree in Environmental Politics. He is interested in environmental issues that have become consent in many countries. In his opinion, Indonesia needs a lot of environmental experts. Harnold said, “Now, I focus on preparing my master degree. I want to take Environmental Politics because I think Indonesia needs human resources for this field”. (lus)



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