Haris Azhar and Rocky Gerung Urge UMM Students to Speak Out Loud about the Truth

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 18, 2018 11:05 WIB
Rocky Gerung, a researcher from the Association of Democracy Education is standing in the podium. (Picture by: Mirza/UMM PR)

HARIS Azhar, the Director of Lokataru Foundation and Rocky Gerung, a Researcher from the Association of Democracy Education attended Human Rights National Seminar held by University Student Executive Board (BEM-U) University of Muhammadiyah Malang on Monday morning (7/12) in GKB IV Hall UMM.

Haris who is known as an activist for human rights spoke up about how people fight for human rights violations in Indonesia. “Look around you. How many people are fighting for their environment but they end up discriminated or in jail? So sad, but that’s the truth”.  

Violations of human rights in Indonesia are not completely resolved. “Many human rights violators still can do anything they want because they are not punished. Somehow, we have to take a substantial participation”.

Meanwhile, according to Rocky Gerung, human rights have existed since the era of prophets long long time ago. When Ahmad Dahlan was still alive, he was worried about this too. However, the existence of Muhammadiyah gives many contributions to hold justice. “If only Ahmad Dahlan had not made a change instead of getting involved in politics, 180 Muhammadiyah universities would have not been built all over Indonesia”.

Rocky urged the millennial generation to think about dreams and hopes for Indonesia. “If we take a look at industrial revolution era 4.0, in 2035, Indonesia is in your hands. That’s why you should prepare yourself from now on”. (lus)




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