Mother's Day, LP3A UMM Spreads the Values of Smart Mother Today's Era

Author : Humas | Friday, December 22, 2017 16:59 WIB
Participants were enthusiastically listening the presentation give by the speakers in Mother's Day by LP3A UMM. (Photo: Nimas)
Mother's Day commemoration is special when it is not only celebrated, but it can also be a sharing moment. This was done by Institute of Study and Empowerment of Women and Children (LP3A) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) by conducting a study titled 'Challenge to Be Smart Mother in the Future Era: Smart Mom, Smart Parents, Smart Kid', Friday (22/12).
Presenting Dr. Vina Salviana M.Si and Nur Affifah Khurin M.Kes as presenters, 80 participants packed UMM Auditorium. Participants of Mother's Day Study consisted of various elements, including Kindergarten (TK) teachers, Aisiyah Regional Leaders (PDA) from Malang City, Malang Regency and Batu City, lecturers and Friends of LP3A (SAPA) who are UMM students.
Head of LP3A UMM, Dra Thathit Manon M.Hum said that by targeting various elements of participants in this activity, science distributed through this study can be forwarded to various elements in terms of education, housewives, as well as students.
"The goal is that participants who attend can be an agent of change by becoming a smart mother in the present era," said Thathit.
Delivering the material, Dr. Vina Salviana explained about self concept. According to Vina, the words spoken by mother have a great influence on behavior and character of a child. What a mother says will stick in the child's mind.
"If a mother often said harshly, such as fooling a child, then the words are stuck in the mind of the child," said Vina who is also a lecturer of Sociology.
Admitting Vina, Nur Affiah added that the pattern of parenting and treatment also affect the growth and character of children. It can not be done in a short time. Parenting is a long journey. What parents teach children about character education can not be felt instantly. It took years to see the results.
"Therefore what is done by the parents at this time, can not be separated from the receipt first," concluded the lecturer of this Tarbiyah program. (ard)


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