The Earth Day, UMM Car Free Day

Author : Humas | Friday, April 23, 2010 13:46 WIB



Commemorating the Earth Day (4/22), UMM had its environment sterile of exhaust fumes. It was because campus III was used as a free area of vehicle. As a result, the vehicle traffic which was usually voiced noise and smoked from exhaust. That day seemed quiet and clean. There were only people, mostly wore black and white uniform. It was so, because that day was the time for Midterms Test (UTS).

            The Car Free Day has been started since last year. According to the Chief of Centre for Environment and Population Studies (PSLK), Drs. Wahyu Prihanta, M.Si, the event was aimed to build awareness of the environment for academicians of UMM. "Once a year we should realize that without the smoke, the air at campus was very fresh. It can at least reduce the effects of global warming," said Wahyu.

            Although the socialization was suddenly informed, UMM has managed to make the campus completely clean from motor vehicles. The only information provided to the academicians was a gateway short message a day earlier. The message was: "Commemorating the Earth Day on Thursday (4/22). UMM will be a car free area. Parking is provided out of campus. "

            From the front area of campus, the vehicles should be parked before crossing the Brantas River. Meanwhile, the parking area was provided behind the campus, at the north parking lot and around UMM Rental Flat.

            However, not all academicians knew about that information. Because of the access to all gates were closed, made them parked their vehicles outside the campus. "There won’t be any problem for me, because I ride my bike everyday to go to this campus. It makes me healthy," said Sugeng Winarno, one of UMM lecturers.

            Wahyu said that the activity would continue to be encouraged in future years. In the future, it would be enhanced by a ban on smoking on campus, and also with environmentally activities. (nas/t_ris)



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