Hajrianto, the Former Vice Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly 2009-2014 Persuades to be Think Positively about Politics

Author : Humas | Saturday, May 19, 2018 20:04 WIB

Former Vice Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly 2009-2014 Hajriyanto Y Thohari, MA

Malang (UMM) on Saturday (19/5). This agenda was attended by the Chairman of Muhammadiyah of East Java (PMW), Dr.Saad Ibrahim, the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Hasedar Nashir, and the former Vice Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly 2009-2014, Hajrianto Y.Thohari, M.A as the first panelist who spoke up about Politics Values to Strengthen Democracy. Hajriyanto revealed that most Indonesian people are afraid to involve in politics because it has no good connotation. He said, “In Arabic, politics is al-siyayah, sasa-yasusu-siyasatan has the same meaning as sasa al-dawaba-yasusuha-siyasatan which means qama ‘alaiha wa radlaha wa adabbaha (take care of, train, educate, and control. Sasa al amra means dabbarahu (take care of or arrange case)”. In Bahasa Indonesia, siyasah means strategy, trick, tactic, action, policy, or mind to achieve a purpose. Hajriyanto invited the participants of Ramadhan study to change their negative way of thinking about politics. He said, “People think that politics is dirty, cunning, cruel, self-interest oriented, and justifies all means”.

People tend to think politics in negative way. Therefore, Hajriyanto asked people to be brave to get involved in politics for the better of all. Hajriyanto said, “Actually, politics is very good for life because it teaches us kindness. And that kindness should not only for the sake of power”. The participants were 2.270 people in East Java. (lus)



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