Haedar Nashir: Fair and Charity, the Adhesive of National and State Life

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 07, 2019 17:52 WIB
Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Dr. Haedar Nashirm M.Sc. (Photo: Rino / PR)

The socio-political upheaval in post-reform Indonesia brought so many problems. This was conveyed by Dr. Haedar Nashir M.Sc, Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership on the National Seminar of the Pre Tanwir Muhammadiyah Workshop at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Thursday (7/2).

According to Haedar, after the Reformation, there were two trends of hardened thinking. One hardens to the right, and one hardens to the left. This situation finally gave birth religious and political views that are hard and absolute. "Currently both cover the space for tolerance, dialogue and difference," Haedar said.

"Islam is Ad-Diinurrahmah, religion is full of love. Affection in Islam is so rich. Not only to fellow humans, but also to nature, animals and plants, besides to God, "Haedar explained. When this love was not used in religious life, it will return to the time of ignorance.

The test of being fair and kind was present in the life of every believer in this country. Today's social and national life besides required an authentic fair attitude also required noble values of courtesy. "Allah commands the believers to do justice and charity in surah an-NAhl verse 90," he said.

The preachers, continued Haedar, when gave a speech (Khutbah), even always quoted the verse of the Quran as a lock on the message of khutbah and tausyiyah. "Spread the fair and charity values as the glue of the life of the nation and state as a mirror of the Islamic message rahmatan lil-‘alamin or mercy to the universe," said Haedar.

In the context of spreading "Enlightening Religion", said Haedar, all Muhammadiyah leaders were important voicing and practising Islamic messages that liberated, empowered, and advanced life. The role of tarjih and tabligh was specifically important to be optimized and dynamized.

Also ordered Haedar, for all Muhammadiyah members, cadres and leaders to base and frame Islamic views on an enlightening Islamic orientation by referring to Manhaj Tarjih. It was developing the Bayani, Bunrani, Irfani approaching by crossing.

In the middle of traffic and the dynamics of religious understandings that were diverse and not infrequently extreme, continued Haedar, Muhammadiyah was demanded as the movement of preaching and tajdid that enlightened. In terms of preaching, of course the preachers and members of Muhammadiyah were important to inflame enlightening preaching.

This was done as the enlightenment movement's mission in Muhammadiyah. Preaching undoubtedly was done with wisdom, mauidhat hasanah, and worship in the best way. "According to Al-Nahl verse 125, as a principle and method of preaching taught by Allah and practised by the Messenger of Allah," he explained.

Preaching that rebelled, convicted, and was more hostile and takfiri was not enlightening preaching. "Preaching as Prophet Calls for perfecting human morality is accompanied by uswah hasnah and making of Islam as rahmatan lil-inalamin in the life of the universe," he said. (Win)



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