UMM Contextualizes English Learning in the Digital Era

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 25, 2017 10:51 WIB
William Little from the United State of America during an english presentation in the digital era.

NUMBER of English experts from various countries attended the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) they have discussed regarding the contextualization of English teaching in the digital era on Saturday, April 22. They were Robert John Pope from Australia, William Little from  America, Aleksandra Skrzynecka from Poland, Flavia Iona Butu from Romania, Richard John Wesley from Canada, Ibrahim Bosha from Sudan, Mick Jethro Miqallos Basa from Philippine, while UMM was represented by Dwi Poedjiastutie.

Located at UMM Inn Ahmad Dahlan’s Hall, the International Seminar, which was held by UMM English Education Department tried to develop strategies for learning English reletadto the era’s need.

The International Seminar Chairman Drs Djarum MEd stated that the digital era made students having a little ignorant with the existence of teachers. It was due to what teacher revelead when teaching, it was already widely available on various internet sites.

"If the situation is unhanded, then the teacher will be increasingly ignored and students take the Internet as the main source. Although the entire internet was not necessarily true," Djarum explained.

Finally, Djarum continued, teachers should also follow the development of modernity including the digital era. According to him, before teaching, teachers not only prepare subjects and teaching methods. However, before teaching teacher should be prepared. "It means that the teachers should prepare theirself before facing the students," he said.

The international seminar was also attended by various speakers from various countries. Among them were Yuta Otake as one of the practitioners of Regional English Language Office (RELO), from the United States Embassy (KBAS), Dr. Ikhsanudin, M. Hum as president of the English Language Teaching Materials (ELTeaM) Association.

Yuta Otake explained that technology has changed the style of teachers in delivering subject. Otake delivered teaching by his own  method. He called it Flipped Clasroom. Flipped Classroom was a method that requires students to see and study the subjects at home and then discussed it in the class of learning.

Otake explained that the material subject provided could be avideo or a slide presentation. "With the Flipped Classroom method, students can be more active and pay attention to the teacher carefully. Because the students discussed each other and even argued in the class, "he explained it in front of  200 participants. (Naz)



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