Women and Children Empowerment and Studies Institute (LP3A) Held Women and Children Study by Presenting the Chairman of the Central Executive of Aisyiyah

Author : Humas | Tuesday, January 03, 2017 17:47 WIB

Study of women and children held by LP3A UMM in the Senate Meeting Room.

University of Muhammadiyah Malang continued to held a study about women and children presented by Women and Children Empowerment and Studies Institute (LP3A). The issues raised were relevant to what happened today. LP3A of UMM held a sudy about women by presenting the chairman of central executive of Aisyiyah, Dra.Hj.Siti Noordjannah Djohantini, MM, M.Si on Tuesday (3/01).

By taking theme about optimizing the role of Aisyiyah in actualizing modern women, Noordjannah talked about organizations and movements of women .According to her, Aisyiyah is a part of Muhammadiyah and was established for modern era like today.

This woman whose nickname is Nunung said that, Long time ago, KH.Ahmad Dahlan who was not a master or professor but he had a modern way of thinking. “Modern organizations are proved by Aisyah which has a good administration”.

Aisyiyah is a modern organization. It became one of the initiators of Mother’s Day. The spirit of Mother’s day is the spirit of women’s movement. The purposes are that women are no longer marginalized, no longer ostracized and no longer in marginalized. Nunung who is the wife of Dr.KH.Haedar Nashir, said “On December 22-25, 1928. There was a congress for women which discussed about women’s movement. Aisyah was the initiator at that time.”

Besides, Mother’s Day should be interpreted as a day when women regain their independence. Women conference in 1928 raised a topic about the marginalization of women, especially about early marriage. Noordjannah continued, ”Even until nowadays, early marriage is still developing in society and Aisyiyah has to prioritize the problems that have to be solved”.

In fact, the issue of sustainable development goals (SDGs), Aisyiyah also took a role in order to achieve the objectives. She said"By encouraging leadership and move it, Aisyiyah certainly is able to solve the problems of  people and the state". (Jal / han)



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