Gus Solah Invites UMM Students To Have Sense Of Humanity.

Author : Humas | Saturday, April 01, 2017 15:23 WIB
Gus Solah speaks during islamic lecture (pengajian) at UMM AR Fachruddin Mosque.

LEADER and Advisory of Tebuireng Boarding School in Jombang, KH. Salahudin Wahid came at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Saturday (1/4). Ulema who known as Gus Solah visited white campus to give a public lecture on theme "Islamic Humanism within materialistic-hedonistic Life" at Mosque of A.R. Fachruddin UMM.

Nowadays, Gus Solah said that humanism is often understood as a separate part of the transcendent spiritual values. People should have dignity, and the ability to decide his future. However, during postmodernism era, people tend to become Mu'tazila group, stay away from religion and determining their own way of life.

Humanism was known since the beginning of Islam. Many verses in the Holy Book of Alquran had explained about it. One of the most frequently expressed by KH Ahmad Dahlan, the founder of Muhammadiyah, namely the Al-Maun Letter. The letter mentioned that the men who reject religion are those who rebuke the orphans and have no feeds the poor. It is proof that Islam upholds humanism.

"Men come from God and will return to God. Sent down to Earth to be caliph, representatives of God, so please complete with the ability to use ratio.This is the humanism of Islam," Gus Solah said.

Meanwhile, Gus Solah added, Indonesian people do not deserve to follow  the principle of hedonism and materialism. Hedonism has been understood that life should be used for self-satisfaction. While materialism considered that life is material, nothing other than that. It is contradicted to the philosophy life of the Indonesian people, also contradicted to Islamic values.

Gus Solah also expressed his disagree to slogan that often heard "Waste your time during young, get rich when old, and then when die go to heaven”. “Indonesia will have a demographic bonus in 2020 until 2030. This is a tremendous potential, it should be used to work more" he said.

However, there are things that threaten the demographic bonus that is more widespread in Indonesia. Therefore, Gus Solah advised young people to stay away from the threat. "Cigarette,drug, malnutrition and hedonism," he concluded.

Meanwhile, in his opening speech,the Rector of UMM Fauzan asserted that such public lectures by religious leaders are part of UMM’s effort to contribute in improving the character of students. (Naz)



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