Prof of Mathematic UMM Explains Three Ways Thinking of Teacher

Author : Humas | Monday, September 19, 2016 13:36 WIB
Professor of Mathematic, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Prof. Dr. Yus Mochammad Cholily MSi at the public lecture with the theme "The Supremacy of Mathematics Teacher". Photo: Distya Putri Handayani.

MATHEMATIC was regarded by several people was a very difficult subject. Indeed, mathematics was a science that was often used in daily human life. It was delivered by Professor of Mathematics at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Prof. Dr. Yus Mochammad Cholily MSi at public lecture of Mathematic Study Program (Prodi), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education UMM, Monday (19/9).

Yus Cholily said, mathematic was around us. Starting from within the house to outside the house. Yus invited all students who attended the public lecture do not to be afraid of mathematics but could teach it to students . "The great teacher is who could make his pupils more greater than his teacher. So you have to make your pupils better in mathematics, " Chairman of the Mathematics Prodi said.

In order to create teacher of mathematic become great, there needs some ways of thinking that was great too. The way of thinking that should be owned by mathematic teacher, Yus added, three ways of thinking. Mathematic teacher should be able using mind to think the main thought. and then using their eyes and hearts. It all starts with the mind, because from it could to find the correct answers of mathematical problem around us.

Yus exemplified by using of motorcycle light which was very bright light. "Actually, people who replaces the motorcycle with white lights do not understand that the lights is designed with yellow color because the reflectors around lights is not designed for white light. As a result the reflector will be broken in a very short time, " The 2006 exemplary lecturer UMM explained.

Yus said, teacher who did not rely his mind in daily life will be left. "The power of mathematics is the way of his thought," The doctor who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) said. According to him, mathematics was a science that relied on the mind and all the sciences in mathematics started from the mind.

All students of mathematics should not be satisfied in studying, because if we wanted to compete we should study hard. "The key in competition  is learning, learning and learning," Yus said.

The lecture of 2012 award-winning of Satyalencana gave advisements that, there were no instantly things in the world. "Everything  should pass the process. There is no smart or rich quickly because everything should go through a very long process, " he concluded. (Jal / han)



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