East Java Governor Pakde Karwo Received Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree from UMM

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 27, 2018 16:10 WIB


Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo, S.H., M.Hum. received a doctorate from Honoris Causa from UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. (Photo: Rino / PR)

GOVERNOR of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo, S.H., M.Hum. received an honorary Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Thursday (12/27). The title was got by Pakde Karwo for his commitment to regional development and the East Java community especially in the aspect of the economy during the two leading periods.

Promoter Prof. Dr. Yus M. Cholily, M.Sc explained that the acceptance of this degree was based on 5 criteria. The first is Pakde Karwo's work performance in the area of regional and community development in East Java during the period 2008 to 2018. The second is Soekarwo's national and international work performance awards, which numbered 169 awards.

The third is extraordinary achievements in organizing vocational education in East Java. The fourth is the publication of scientific works and development works that have been presented in scientific forums, regional, national and international levels. The last is the fulfilment of the requirements on guidelines for awarding honorary degrees at UMM.

"For the consideration and assessment, the Promoter team stated that Promovendus on behalf of Dr. H. Soekarwo, S.H., M.Hum  is deemed worthy to be given an honorary doctorate degree," Yus said in the Promoter team's accountability speech in front of a number of guests and state officials present. Among of them is the Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.A.P.

UMM Rector, Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. said that giving awards to figures who are considered to contribute to improving the quality and dignity of the life of the community has long been a tradition developed by UMM. " This is one of our ways to implement a passionate vision, namely UMM from Muhammadiyah for the Nation, "he said.

The award in the form of the Honoris Causa Doctorate in Vocational Education for Pakde Karwo is one of the academic rituals of a long series of vocational education held by UMM. "This Vocational Program is to answer the problems of the nation, especially in preparing a generation of people who are superior and competitive," he explained. (win)



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