Greg Barton : UMM is a Modern University

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:17 WIB

An observer about Islam from Monash University Australia was proud of UMM. He said that UMM was like other universities in the US. If it looked from its students, UMM was really like those universities in the US which were built by any religious organizations.

“UMM is like the universities in the US. Many universities were built by any religious organizations there. The students are not only from that religion, but also other religions. They are free to study there. As it is at UMM which is an Islamic university but its students are not only moslems," said Barton when he visited UMM, last week.

            Barton was at UMM discussing with the UMM observers and experts to have a research cooperation. With his partner, Dr. Zifirdaus Adnan from University of New England Armidale NSW Australia and Ian Chalmers Curtin from University of Technology, he hoped that Muhammadiyah society would always be proud of UMM. It was because UMM had big commitments of the education side. "UMM is a charity devoted by Muhammadiyah for the education," said he.

            Further, Barton stated that the cooperation was important. "The similarity is more important than the differences. We all are human being and have the same goals. The religion differences should not be the causes of it, as long as we do not bother other religions," Barton said. (hlw/t_ris)

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