Moved the University of Indonesia, ILF UMM Runner Up for the National Debate Competition

Author : Humas | Friday, March 15, 2019 10:19 WIB
Erfan Kriswanto from Forestry Study Program, Setianalimas (English Language Education Study Program), and Muhammad Ilham. (Photo: Special)

The Student Activity Unit of English Debating Society International Language Forum (EDS ILF)  of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) won the runner-up trophy in the 2019 English Debate Competition which took place at the Surabaya Naval Technology College (STTAL) some time ago (4-6 / 3 )

In this event consists of 3 prelim rounds/scoring rounds and 4 knockout rounds. In each round participants must collect as many points as possible. At the end of the round, the points collected are ranked based on the highest to lowest scores until the champion's name was obtained. They were Unair, UMM, UI, and Poltekes.

One team consists of 3 participants. They were Erfan Kriswanto from Forestry Study Program, Muhammad Ilham from Electrical Engineering Study Program, and Setianalimas (English Language Education Department). Before this event began, there were several preparations made, starting from the internal selection, guidance, and debate exercises on a regular basis accompanied by two trainers.

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At least 24 participants participated in the competition, including state campuses such as the University of Indonesia (UI), Airlangga State University (Unair) and various other prestigious campuses. This national debate event was the second time followed by UKM EDS ILF. "Only this time, we managed to win second place," Erfan said.

In addition to this event, EDS ILF had also won many similar competitions. Among them was the 1st Winner of YEEC STPP in 2018, and as a grand finalist at NEED UMY in 2019. "So with the victory of this competition, I hope that in the next events can win the champions again, especially the first winner," he concluded. (Win)



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