Gleaming Candlelight Tone Up Sumberoto Society Misbar Event

Author : Humas | Tuesday, July 23, 2019 11:24 WIB
Peserta KKN bersama warga yang hadir dalam acara Bioling (Foto: Rino/Humas)

The 79 Community Service (KKN) Team University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in Sumberoto Village Donomulya Sub-district, Malang District presenting free entertainment in the form of outdoor cinema. This entertainment media on the era of 80s-90s known as Misbar (Closed if raining), packed in the name of Mobile Cinema Car (Bioling) UMM Goes to Sumberoto.

This event held on Sunday (21/7) that started from 19.00 presenting two motivation themed movie titles. Not only watching movies, that activity was also filled with a quiz about the presented movie and accompanied by the inauguration of the start of KKN 79 UMM in Sumberoto Village for the next 1 month.

People were nostalgizing with their old memories that we have rarely seen today, namely the culture of watching the outdoor cinema. Bioling UMM comes with brand-new packaging without eliminating the essence of the live screen itself. "Aside from being an entertainment medium, the activity became a venue for friendship between the Sumberoto Village community," said Rino Anugrawan, coordinator of the UMM Bioling Car.

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This gathering was sweetened by the gleaming candlelight shared to the people who came that night. The dark cold atmosphere immediately warmed up because of the sparkling candles and the people gathered together. "We conceptualize this activity on not only watching together but also as an event for uniting the local society," said Haikal Hidayat, UMM 79 KKN Team Village Coordinator.

The event heldin the Kali Sangkrah hamlet, precisely at the intersection in front of the Sumberoto village head's house. The enthusiasm of the community is so great as evidenced by the number of people present reaching approximately 350 people consisting of various ages. The event opened with remarks by Budi Utomo, S.E. as the village head of Sumberoto.


Before the screening began, every person was directed to blow off the candles that had been given before, together with a ribbon cutting by the village head as a sign of the commencement of KKN 79 in Sumberoto Village and at the same time, a 5 CM movie played.

Warga beserta peserta KKN dalam gemerlap lilin (Foto: Rino/Humas)

"The 5 cm movieillustrates that every thing we want to achieve must be accompanied by a struggle. We must believe that the effort will not betray the results. Not only about struggle, but this film also contains a message of friendship," said theSumberotoVillage HeadBudi Utomo, S.E.

The Sumberoto Village community seemed to enjoy the movie. It can be seen from the seriousness ofthe audience in everyscene in the movie. The response of the community from this activity is fairly positive. Provenby the interviewwith one of the residences after the screening of the film.

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"Thank you for the presence of the KKN brothers and sisters to entertain the people here, it was very entertaining andwe arevery grateful.The all people here welcomethe KKN team. Hopefully, the presenceof the KKN team can be a motivation for the children in the future,"said Sukamsi, a Sumberotoresidence.

Before the UMM Bioling Goes To Sumberoto event was closed, the quiz about theplayedfilm was given at the end of the event. With the aim to appreciatethe people who have watched the moviefromthebeginning until theend. Interesting door prizes are given to those who can answer questions.

Meanwhile, Jamroji, M.Comms, the Field Advisor ofthe 79 UMM KKN teamat Donomulyo stated that the watching outdoor movie activity was intended to entertain and simultaneously educate the society. Moreover, it is about the importance of the younger generation in havinga strong spirit and motivation to face the industrial era 4.0.(joh)



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