UMM HKI Center Holds Intellectual Property Workshop

Author : Humas | Monday, December 21, 2015 11:37 WIB

Even with numbers of UMM lecturer who conduct researches does not guarantee they understood what Intellectual Property (KI) was. Intellectual Property (KI) holds a very important role in the research. The UMM Center of Intellectual Properties (Sentra HKI) holds Intellectual Property Workshop on Saturday (19/12) at Vice Rector I meeting room in response to this condition.

“In fact, the lecturers who had conducted research didn’t fully grasp what Intellectual Property is. They came only to register the copyright of their researches without knowing the types of Intellectual Property,” said Ir. Achmad Fauzan, MT,  the Chief Excecutive of this workshop.

Fauzan chose the registration of dance as example. Dance has copyright, not a patent. The researchers should have deeper understanding and comprehesion of HKI due it is often asked in monitoring and evaluation (monev).

Normally, as Fauzan said, HKI is divided into two parts, namely copirght and industrial property right. Industrial property right consists of the brand, plant variety, trade secret, industrial design and integrated circuit. This kind of types is what researchers should be aware of.

The workshop was attended by numbers of UMM lecturers. Some of the workshop themes are the policy of HKI in university, the HKI role of information in composing the proposal of sience development research, the types of HKI and other topics.

Fauzan hoped that HKI can help registering the researches of UMM lecturers and, even, the students through this workshop. By registering their researches, it proves that theirs are useful and have high innovation. “If their researches are being commercialized, they will get the right they deserved,” Fauzan asserted. (nov/han/t_rfd)


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