Holding Pra MAFI, KINE Klub UMM Presented American Marketer Amazon Studios

Author : Humas | Tuesday, February 27, 2018 17:07 WIB
Marketer Amazon Studios, Ashley Hasz, was delivering material on the Film Marketing and Impact Campaign Workshop.
Malang Film Festival 2018 (MAFI Fest 2018) as the annual work program of Student Activity Unit of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM UMM) Kine Klub UMM always give innovation every year. After successfully launching the pre-program of MAFI Fest 2018 titled Malang Sinau Documentary on 7 - 15 February, the oldest film festival initiated by students in Indonesia held the pre-MAFI Fest 2018 program, Film Marketing and Impact Campaign Workshop in collaboration with Surabaya United States of America Consulat and American Film Showcase.
The event was held interactively on (26/2) at Mini Theater UMM Communication Science Laboratory until Tuesday (27/2) at American Corner UMM. Completely, this event presented Ashley Hasz who is a movie marketer from Amazon Studios America.
Non Competition Programmer MAFI Fest 2018, Sestria Herdianti, explained the purpose of this program is to educate filmmaker in Malang about the ins and outs of film marketing.
"We want the filmmakers especially in Malang realize that to distribute the film not only can be done through film festival. There are many other avenues to distribute the film," said student of Communication Science of UMM class of 2015.
On the first day of the workshop, the participants were shown four films from the filmmaker of Malang City namely Tilaran Film (Joint Production Kine Klub UMM ke 14), Mokel Movie (AV Communication Science UMM 2014), Anderpati Film and Umbul Gemulo Film. After playing this films, Ashley as the workshop speaker helped the filmmakers to find the side where the filmmaker can sell the movie.
On the second day, Ashley played the movie Sriracha, a movie from America that he once worked on marketing. After playing the film telling about chili sauce, Ashley then began to discuss what marketing strategies were done on the film. Besides attended by UMM students, this event also attracted film communities in Malang such as Societo UB, ACE UM, Cinedex and others. (ard)


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