Holding Photo Exhibition, Erasmus Alumni Motivates UMM Students Lecture in Europe

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 21, 2017 14:59 WIB
The UMM Photo Exhibition workers are looking at some works from the Erasmus scholarship alumni. (Photo: Beni Humas)
FROM Thursday to Saturday (21-23 / 12), International Relations Office of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (IRO-UMM) together with alumni of Erasmus UMM held UMM Photo Exhibition entitled "Erasmus Jaman Now, From Europe to UMM" at Gazebo Central Library of UMM. The photos on display were 23 alumni of Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus +. In total, there were160 photos taken in 10 European countries since 2009.
Assistant Rector of UMM Cooperation Sector, Soeparto, explained the purpose of this photo exhibition was to promote Erasmus + program. In addition, this event was also held to motivate and provide support to UMM students who have not received a scholarship opportunity Erasmus +.
"Through this activity, we grow the students' will. Once there is a will there is a way to achieve it. As the saying goes, There is will, there is way," Parto said.
He also added that so far UMM achievement in Erasmus + is very proud. In addition to this year get seven consortium cooperation in Eramus +, the number of alumni of Erasmus + at UMM is the third largest in Indonesia which reaches 85 alumni.
In detail, they consist of 10 employees, 19 lecturers and 56 students. This number led UMM to be ranked third in Indonesia under UGM and UI and number one in East Java.
 "Throughout the consortium in cooperation with UMM, UMM has always been the only private university and the youngest university," he added.
Adding Soeparto, the Head of IRO, Abdul Haris, said that overseas experience is very important to give students a wider view and thought. One of them students can also apply the positive things obtained in Europe.
 "For internationalization, UMM has tagline Designing a Local University with International Touch, and this tagline can almost describe UMM today," concluded Haris. (ard)


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