The Work of Psicology student:The Effects of Prayers on Aggressiveness and Published an Experiences at the Mental Hospital In A book

Author : Humas | Wednesday, January 02, 2019 13:45 WIB
One of the Psychology Faculty lecturers saw one of the students' work. (Picture: Aan / PR)

Students of the Faculty of Psychology, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held academic work as a productive form of creation on Wednesday (1/2). The work produced was in the form of posters, therapeutic devices and books about the study of Psychology.

The work was made on the basis of the experience of students who have been involved in handling the Community. It was the relation about garbage, poverty, assistance in mental hospitals and areas affected by the disaster.

A total of 21 booths stood to showcase the work of UMM Psychology Faculty students from 3 generations. The work was contested and assessed by lecturers of the Faculty of Psychology to stimulate the competitiveness of students when entering the workplace.

"UMM Psychology has a characteristic that is, applied psychology where students will be faced with real cases," said M. Salis Yuniardi, S.Psi., M.Psi., PhD as Dean of the Faculty of Psychology UMM in the exhibition room, GKB IV 9th floor.

Salis said that the UMM Faculty of Psychology students would be deployed more in educational settings, social settings, and industrial settings. The work of students from the three settings will be selected and filtered to be rewarded.

By confronting many students to the real cases, Salis admitted that UMM Psychology graduates had high selling points. This was because students of the UMM Psychology Faculty have understood the field of work.

"Our students also understand the workings of millennial where they can take advantage of the current communication media. Therefore, the absorptive capacity that enters the industry, education, institutions and even entrepreneurship is so high," said Salis.

In a booth, research from third-semester students was explained about the benefits of prayer in reducing aggressiveness. Aggressiveness is a destructive act through deliberate physical or verbal violence.

In the study, it was said that the more regular and maintained prayer, a person tended not to be aggressive. In prayer, it was indirectly taught to release emotions, meditation and self-control, love and love, and commitment and discipline.

Meanwhile, in the third-semester Mental Health course, students produced a book entitled "Ever-Existing Stories". The book contained their experiences when visited Dr. Mental Hospital. Radjiman Wediodiningrat, Lawang.

"Writing this book is a new experience for us. Where we can learn the courage to interact with RSJ patients and be more grateful because they are still given mental health," said Anisa BT, one of the authors.

He said, his fondness for writing turned out to be accommodated by the Faculty of Psychology. He claimed to be happy to be able to publish books with his classmates so that they could be sold. (Win)




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