UMM Lecture Building Suddenly Became a 'Ship' Backrest

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 12, 2019 13:00 WIB
Opening of the National Unmanned Fast Boat Contest (KKCTBN) 2019  at Campus III Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) (Photo: Rino / PR)

There was something unique in the National Unmanned Fast Ship Contest (KKCTBN) 2019 at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM). The connecting bridge with Gedung Kuliah Bersama (GKB) I, was transformed into a cruise ship ready to sail the ferocious sea.

Seeing from the air using drones, the bridge that was used every day by UMM students for walking was seriously decorated so that it became an iconic object during the contest. At the opening, the 'ship' was launched by Belmawa Director General Didin Wahidin.

The creativity of the design proposed by UMM Vice Rector III Dr. Sidik Sunaryo was intentionally presented to provide a real atmosphere of the high seas. Moreover, accompanied by buoys and ship anchors visible on either side, adding to the impression of a real ship.

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On this 'boat' also, at the opening of the event, a contingent defile of 62 teams from 30 tertiary institutions in Indonesia was held. They brought a flag from the college. Previously, the participants were welcomed by regional dances from Sangsekarta UMM.

The contingent of UMM itself competed for 3 fast ships in 3 categories. They competed in Automatic Control Vessels (ASV), Electric Speed Ships with Remote Control System (ERC), and Fast Fuel Boats with Remote Control Systems (FERV).

They were optimistic to win because they used a 32 CC engine with a maximum speed of 40 KM / H. In addition, they relied on body specifications that were slimmer. Not only that, they certainly had memorized the available tracks.

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Until this news was revealed, UMM performed with their best performance. The UMM 2 Team in the ERC category came in 2nd place with a final score of 120,678. While UMM Team 1 in the FERC category also came in second place with a final score of 121,379. While ASV, others waited for the results.

Even though the new team was formed this year, they didn't have a shipping-specific UKM, but they were optimistic about winning. They had a Mechatronic group that focused on machining. There was a focus on energy-efficient cars and about this new research ship in 2019.

The winners would be announced on Saturday (12/10) night in front of UMM GKB I. In addition to the announcement of the winner and the awarding of the medal, there would also be the awarding of the award from the Director General of Belmawa to UMM as the host of this year's KKCTBN. (win)



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