Embracing UNESCO, UMM Promotes Peace through Films

Author : Humas | Thursday, December 03, 2015 19:36 WIB

THE UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah malang (UMM) became the host of Youth Peace International Film Festival (YPIFF) held on Thursday-Friday (3-4/120. The theme of peace was emerged in the event since it is a worldwide issue and strongly related with the diversity and harmony of Indonesian culture.

  Cooperating with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this event attracted the attention of 19 nations. According to the programmer of the festival, Maharina Novia Zahro, there are several agendas during the event. “There will be an  international seminar discussing about Youth in Promoting a Culture of Peace and Sustainable Development and also the Culture Acquaint Effective Method in Building a Relationship Among Countries. The experts of film making, academicians, and humanists from Indonesia, Russia, India, Czech Republic and Poland will participate as the keynote speakers. The next session is the screening of films from 19 countries. At the same time, there will be a workshop of screenplay writing,” she informed.

 According to her, film is the most effective medium in promoting peace. “The youth of today tend to watch visual materials rather than to read or observe them. That is why we choose to promote peace through film,” she said.

The Assistant of Rector for International Relations, Drs. Soeparto, M.Pd., said that this event is good to promote UMM globally. “UMM always has that international touch. This event provides students and lecturers of UMM chance to internationally promote their works, especially through films,” he  said.

On the second day, participants can take part in the workshop of Short Film Production Management by the founder of Kelas Film Indonesia, Vicky Arief. “Tomorrow, there will be workshop and intercultural show on UMM helipad,” said the Chief Commitee, Rindya Fery Indrawan.


He also added that there will be cultural performances from Indonesia, China and India. “Besides, a lot of food will be provided in the international food fair,” he ended. (dik/zul/han/t_far)



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