Franz Magnis Suseno: Indonesia's Future was in the Hands of Islam

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 07, 2019 16:03 WIB
Culturalists, clergy who were also thinkers Prof. Dr. Franz Magnis Suseno (left). (Photo: Rino / PR)

The National Seminar of the Pre-Tanwir Muhammadiyah held at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) presented cultural experts, clergy who were also thinkers Prof. Dr. Franz Magnis Suseno. He was presented as a panellist in the event ahead of the Tanwir Muhammadiyah in Bengkulu next February 15-17.

In the first session, Franz revealed the material on the topic "The Challenge of National Fragmentation and Revitalizing the Role of Religion as the Adhesive of the Civilization Bond". In this discussion, Franz stated how Pancasila can bring peace to Indonesia. The Pancasila which was initiated by Bung Karno became the key.

"When Bung Karno sparked the Pancasila, he made an understanding of an alternative state that could overshadow the secular and religious state," Franz explained. He continued that thanks to the Pancasila, Indonesia was known as a country that did not need to doubt its tolerance. All religions can live peacefully here.

"Even though 87% of Indonesian people adhere to Islam, they can respect minority people," Franz continued. He stated that Muslim communities do not discriminate against people who adhere to other religions. They can work well together and can still live peacefully.

Indonesia as a country that adheres to a democratic system had the risk of being used by radicalisms, fundamentalists and terrorists. The Islamic community as the majority in Indonesia had the responsibility of making this country harmonious. Furthermore, said Franz, Indonesia's future was in the hands of Muslims.

Quoting Yuval Noah Harari's "Homo Deus" book, Franz said that the knowledge revolution was very important to advance the nation. Muhammadiyah founded by K.H Ahmad Dahlan had carried out the revolution. "Muhammadiyah must continue to educate the Islamic community that makes them happy," Franz said. (Win)



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