FPP Discovered Fattening Young Lamb as a Business Opportunity

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 11, 2019 16:18 WIB
UMM Farm Experimental Team with their cattle sheep. (Photo: Special)

Fattening on younglamb is one of the promising business opportunities in the livestock industry. This is based on the demand for young lamb which is quite high in the market. Young lamb meat has a soft texture when compared with adult lamb. In addition, fat from young lamb meat is also lower compared to adult lamb meat.

This business opportunity wasdiscovered by the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) as the Campus Intellectual Product Development Program (PPUPIK) which is one of the community service programs (PKM) of the Ministry of Research and Higher Education (Kemenristekdikti), namely through the application of Technology Complete Corn Silage Feed.

The dedication was carried out at UMM experimental farm laboratory for a year of funding. The raw material of young sheep in the fattening business is the result of sheep breeding conducted by the Experimental Farm laboratory, UMM Animal Husbandry. "In addition,the purchase will be from farmers who are around Batu and Malang," explained Dr. Ir. Asmah Hidayati, MS Head of PPUPIK UMM.

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The number of sheep raisedare 60 merino species, with90 daysof fattening process. "With this faster fattening period, the PPUPIK program for fattening young sheep can increase market share. The use of complete corn silage also increases sheep body weight higher than using grass-fed, "said Asmah.

The fattening results carried out by this program show that by using complete corn silage, an additional daily weight gain of sheep is 150-160 g / head / day. "Thus, the sheep fattening period in PPUPIK practices is faster, which is about three months can be distributed to the market. This program is certainly a promising business opportunity, "Asmah said

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Asmah, who is the Chairperson of UMM Animal Husbandry Study Program, said the fattening of sheep was done to meet the demand of the lamb meat market in Malang and surrounding areas. Good for consumption, aqiqah, and for qurban. The sales mechanism is done bycoming directly to UMM Experimental Farm, or sheep sent directly to the customer via telephone.

Asmahthen stated that the business development program was intended to develop products from lecturers' research ideas, which thenbecomea beneficial business. In addition, this business can also be used as an applied laboratory for UMM students to practice entrepreneurship. In the future, this business development canbeone of the income for the campus.(joh)



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