FPP UMM is Selected as Panelist in CIES Conference Washington DC, USA

Author : Humas | Monday, March 23, 2015 12:20 WIB
Berita UMM
Dr. Damat, Dean of FPP UMM (center) along with other CIES members and Mr Andre Lewis, Senior Vice President of Asia Chemonics (center) and Bu Beth

Since last year 2012, University of Muhammadiyah Malang has been included in 25 chosen universities to cooperate with USAID-Higher Education Leadership and Management Project (HELM). HELM is aimed to support and continue a reformation of Indonesia Higher Education by focusing on the increase of university management (HEI). Through the collaboration with Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti), HELM will improve four core managements: (1) General administration and leadership; (2) Financial management; (3) Quality assurances; and (4) Collaboration with external stakeholders. One realization from this program might be seen in Action Research Program (ARP). The first step of this ARP program was sending two representatives from each university to attend various workshops held in Philippine and Thailand. It was held in last October and November 2012.

            It was then continued by follow-up application and implementation planning done by each partner university, monitoring and evaluation done by HELM-Chemonics Jakarta and consultant from USAID Kentucky University, USA. After undergoing a series of evaluations and further discussions, USAID-HELM selected four universities to present their ARP program in Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference in Hotel Hilton, Washington DC, USA during March 7th – 14th, 2015. It was all sponsored by USAID-funded HELM Program and Chemonics International. The four selected universities are: (1) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), (2) University of Sriwijaya Palembang (UNSRI), (3) State University of Semarang (UNNES), and (4) University of Andalas Padang (UNAND). Panelists selected by USAID-funded HELM Program and Chemonics International are listed as follows:


1.      Dr.Ir. Damat, MP, Dekan FPP-UMM

2.      Prof. Dr. Ir. Siti Herlinda, M.Si. (UNSRI)

3.      Dr. Heri Yanto Timan Notowiharjo (UNNES)

4.      Prof. Dr. Mansyurdin (UNAND) 

Presented Papers for each panelists are listed below:

1.      Improving Academic Quality by Developing an Active Learning System (UMM)

2.      Quality Assurance System Development to Create Research Centers of Excellence (UNSRI)

3.      Data-driven Policies to Improve Students’ On-Time Graduation (UNNES)

4.      Implementation of Student-Centered Learning Strategies to Improve Soft Skills and Employability for Graduates (UNAND) (t_stu)



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