Agribusiness Study Program Alumni Forum Ready to Raise UMM Image

Author : Humas | Saturday, December 02, 2017 14:43 WIB
Sharing story session on Agribusiness Study Program Reunion UMM

Agribusiness study program University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has a unique way to remember college memories. Agribusiness study program alumni 1984 to 2013 make a reunion by carrying a theme “Helom Ngalam Ker” which means “Moleh Malang Rek” in Malang Walikan language. It means “Pulang Malang Rek in Bahasa Indonesia. (Eng: Go back home to Malang, guys)”

This theme is chosen because the Agribusiness alumni come from various regions in Indonesia. When the reunion is held, they will go back to Malang, where they used to live for at least four years for study. Lukito Hari Sediarto as the Chief of Reunion event said that “ We bhave to keep in touch and inform to the all alumni of Agribusiness that UMM has been acredited A. Graduates of UMM could potentially  have competitiveness”. This reunion was held on Saturday (2/12) at Auditorium UMM.

Lukito who is also alumni of Agribusiness in 1992from Banyuwangihopes that this reunion can form an Agribusiness alumni group. “Through this forum, we have been trying to boast our almamater”. There was a sharing story session that facilitated alumni to tell their experiences in UMM and their successes as alumni Agribusiness. Through this session, alumni can transfer inspirational information. (lus)



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