FTTE of UMM Inaugurates Three Programs in Target Village

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:21 WIB


           Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FTTE) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Friday (1/8), inaugurated three programs at once in the target village. In Dusun Toyomerto, Pesanggrahan Village, Batu City, FTTE of UMM inaugurated biogas installation builder, manufacturing nursery and conducting reforestation at source water surrounding.

           FTTE Dean of UMM, Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd, together with the lecturers joining hands with Director of Water Service Public Company/Perum Jasa Tirta I (PJT I), Ir Syamsul; Head of Environmental Department of Batu City, Bambang Parianom; Head of Forestry of Forestry and Agriculture Department, Batu City; Forest-Village Community Institution/Lembaga Masyarakat Desa Hutan (LMDH) and farmers groups, FTTE lecturers and students of UMM. They worked together to build biogas reactor, distribute seeds and reforest around the water source.

           FTTE of UMM program run together with Perum Jasa Tirta I (PJT I) and Kehati Foundation has long been pioneered. "This is a continuation of reforestation since 2005. Thank God, this year's activities are more fully with biogas installation and nurseries production," said Director of PJT I, Ir Syamsul.

           According to Syamsul, in 2003, Dusun Toyomerto Batu City which was known as water source area suffered from damage and fires. As a result, the forest around the Panderman Mountain was bald and critical source of water. In 2006 and 2007, he reforested the Kasinan, Sumber Jeruk, Parang Wedi, Dawuan Kabul springs and their sorroundings. "Finally, commitment and movement that have been built between UMM and the community now it has produced the results," he added.

           Syamsul hoped, the biogas installation making which is a joint effort could have a multiplier effects. This program not only produces fuel and meets the energy needs of society, but also utilizes cattle manure. Beef cattle manure can be processed into organic fertilizer. Besides, the biogas should be operated by local communities, and eventually would reduce deforestation because they no longer need to search for firewood. The biogas installation was communal and it can be enjoyed by seven families.

           Meanwhile, Dean of FTTE of UMM, Drs Fauzan M.Pd stated, the greening was more on pro-environmental conservation, which is carrying the mission to save the environment through greening activities and the energy crisis. Greening is not just planting trees, but seeing the condition of land. The selected trees should be based on local conditions.

           In addition, nursery manufacturing was expected to supply greening tree seedlings. Seedlings that had been used were mostly directly hunted from the woods or taken from nature. Garden area of 3.5 ha located at the foot of Panderman Mountain could meet the needs of greening. The seeded tree were various such as durian, jackfruit, avocado and salacca. "There are many people who are diligently exploiting and using, but there are no many who are diligent to maintain and preserve," he stated his critique. (rka/t_alf)

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