FKIP Ready to Send 42 Internship Students to Thailand

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 21, 2015 09:41 WIB

READY TO TEACH: Student of FKIP UMM ready to go to Thailand for teaching internship

Total of 42 students Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang UMM are ready to be delegated to intern as teacher at South Thailand. They will be sent on 29 and 30 of April.

42 students were selected from student 2012 generation of three study programs; those are English Department, Indonesia language Department and Elementary School Teacher Department.  

This program is part of UMM cooperation with Thailand government also the Association of Private colleges in South Thailand. “In three months each student is given money 3000 bath by Thailand government for living cost,” said the lecture of FKIP UMM who also as the responsible this internship program, Drs Nur Widodo when interviewed, Thursday (16/4).

Every student who will go to Thailand required are to have talent which is needed for cultural exchange; those are dancing, singing, painting or others art. Not only that, they also must have the ability to communicate remembering during there they also will learn Thailand culture from local people.

For the placement, 42 students will be placed at five different provinces. Interestingly, said Widodo, most of student will be placed at Islamic school.

In Thailand, all intern students will conduct teaching activities in schools that have been determined. “In that place we will be the assistance of teacher, teach and also as cultural ambassador,” said Rasus Sayyaf Basarang, one of student who is selected in Thailand Internship Program.

In Thailand, student also will conduct take and give with local people. “We will introduce the culture, such as daily activities or more specific, example related to the characteristic of education in Indonesia,” said Rasus.

Nur Widodo added, next this program will be continued not only in Thailand. “This program is planned to be conducted in all countries of ASEAN, including Philippine, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore,” he explained. (nay/han/t_zuh)



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