UMM Medical Faculty Inaugurates 41 Young Doctors

Author : Humas | Monday, January 18, 2010 10:44 WIB
         Medical Faculty, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (FK UMM), again held Inaugural Young Doctors VIII Force VIII Period I Year 2009/2010, in the Hall of Campus II UMM FK, Friday (12/4). A total of 41 young doctors were taken their appointments as young doctors and they should take professional programs for approximately 2 years. In front if Vice Rector I, Dean of FK, parents and hospital directors, they promised to continue to learn and carry out the mandate as a young doctor.

            Ayu Diajeng, 21, declared as the best graduate with GPA 3,55. Ajeng, the greeting name of girl who was born in 1988, admitted to choose Medical Faculty of UMM from the greatness name of Muhammadiyah cooperation. "My families are not Muhammadiyah members, but the spirit of charity efforts developed by Muhammadiyah in my home region, Pemalang Central Java, made me choose University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Muhammadiyah attention in the world of education had convinced me that UMM Medical Faculty is not an option, but a mandatory," she said.

           Born from the couple Amy Prasetyono and Nunuk Mumpuni Ayu Probowati, Ajeng claimed to have been ready of becoming a young doctor called co ass. Although she has not directly involved being a doctor yet, she claimed UMM Medical Faculty had equipped graduates with various programs. "Fortunately, in UMM Medical Faculty I used to be a volunteer at TBMM. In addition, we were forged to follow CSR (Clinical Skill Refreshment) and ETLS (Emergency Trauma Life Saving) for one month which made us accustomed to and have clue when becoming co ass," she said.

           In TBMM, the girl who always entered the top 10 of highest GPA, claimed to get benefit significantly through being active in TBMM. Experiences of being a volunteer increased the empathy. She gave an example, when she became volunteer for flood in Trenggalek, she felt that her empathy awakened.

           Meanwhile, Dean of UMM Medical Faculty, dr. Irma, said CSR and ETLS are routine programs for UMM Medical Faculty graduates. The activities were designed for one month, a simulation in a hospital ranging from treating patients, dealing with emergency situations to resolving cases. These programs are needed so that young doctors would have strength self-confidence and mentality. It is because later they would face 12 steps, starting from being at laboratory, society health clinic center to industry clinic.

           The program is routinely done by UMM to maintain the quality of Medical Faculty graduates. So far, UMM Medical Faculty graduates spread all over Indonesia. Nearly 85% of UMM Medical Faculty graduates have been accepted into civil servants and the rest took specialist program. (rka/t_alf)

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