FISIP Tested RUU Concept of Representative Institution Support System

Author : Humas | Tuesday, September 10, 2019 14:48 WIB
The atmosphere Testing  of the RUU Concept at the Faculty of Social and Government Sciences UMM (Photo: Mirza / PR)

The Secretariat General and the Expertise Body of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) specifically asked the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) to test the Law Plan (RUU) on the Support System of the Representative Institution, Monday (9/9) afternoon.

"Testing the concept of this RUU at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of UMM was in order to get input related to Academic Paper and the Law Plan on Representative Institution Support Systems," said Khopiatuzaidah, S.Ag., LL. M, the head of the draft testing team explained the purpose of implementing this agenda at Campus III UMM.

Academic Paper Testing and the Draft of this Law was concerning with the task of supporting expertise in the implementation of the DPR RI Legislative functions, the Centre for Drafting of the DPR RI Expertise Body which had created a team in the framework of the beginning drafting of the Academic Paper and this RUU.

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Khopiatuziadah said that the demand for the DPR RI as a representative body to move and focus on internal reforms to strengthen the legislative function and other functions optimally was indeed quite high because the power of parliament was not only in the members of the council.

Board members needed a support system to optimize the implementation of three board functions, namely legislation, supervision and budget. "For example, the function of legislation was the creation of laws, legislation Planner and research," he said.

"So, researchers from universities are needed to be involved in carrying out the legislative function. All the designs of the support system are arranged in the academic Paper of RUU of the Representative Institution Supporting System, "explained Khopiatuzaidah, who was accompanied by four experts who were members of the team.

The concept test for Academic Paper and the RUU was attended by a number of FISIP UMM expert lecturers from various fields of expertise. Governmental science expert of FISIP UMM, Dr.Tri Sulistyaningsih, M.Si believed that the ratification of this RUU was indeed necessary but it needed to be made as simple as possible so that it was not overfat for Government.

Tri Sulistyaningsih also suggested that recruitment of human resources in the Representative Institution Support System had to be applied to the selection or standardization standard. "The council is political organizations, not career organizations. Therefore, in terms of HR recruitment, standardization needs to be done, "said Tri, who was also an assessor of BAN-PT.

Tri Sulis's opinion completed the recommendations of UMM FISIP communication expert, Dr. Frida Kusumastuti, M.Sc. Frida also revealed the importance of certification for experts who would be recruited in the Representative Institution Support System. The concept test was held for 3 days, 9-11 September 2019.

In terms of the content of the academic paper, a sociologist from FISIP UMM, Dr. Wahyudi, M.Si criticized the content of academic texts which did not yet accommodate the area of public communication. Five areas that had been carried out in the Representative Institution Support System RUU were already good but there were things that had been added, namely the area of public communication.

"The legislature must have a comprehensive forum for conducting the functions of public spaces in society. There are many misunderstandings in the community about the image DPR which has not been resolved. With this law, I hope that the function of public communication will be stronger, "explained Wahyudi who was a lecturer in Political Sociology. (win)



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