UMM FISIP Held National Seminar on Social-Political Prospects Jokowi Volume II

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 17, 2019 14:25 WIB
The poster of UMM FISIP National Seminar 2019

The election of the president of the Republic of Indonesia had ended. Jokowi volume II was a choice that had been inaugurated as the next state leadership. A number of issues of pluralism, identity politics, the presence of millennial involvement in the current era, became an interesting phenomenon to be studied. The presence of identity as a symbol attached to individuals or groups seemed to be used as one of the political strategies of the campaign whose aim was to win votes.

This was not a problem if it did not cause social unrest. However, the identity politics strategy in electoral contestation which developed tended to develop in a destructive direction, namely the rift of social relations. In fact, in the Democratic Party, contestation should be able to bring Indonesia to a more modern direction. Remember that Indonesia was the largest Muslim majority country in the world, Indonesia was a multicultural country. Indonesia had become one of the highlights in the world political arena.

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The problems mentioned above were just a few of the problems that emerged from the election 2019 competition, although in the elitist realm itself they have provided examples and illustrations relating to the importance of maintaining harmony and peace. One of them was the collaboration that took place in the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet but the problem was the fact that at the social level the community still leaves a feud from the factions of support for one of the presidential candidate pairs at that time.

Based on the problem above, the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang would hold a National Seminar for the public with the theme "Prospects of Indonesian Social and Political Development in the Era Jokowi Volume II". "This activity is a form of caring attitude as well as campus contribution to the socio-political dynamics in the country, especially related to social and political development after electoral contestation in Indonesia," said Dr. Rinikso Kartono, M.Si, Dean of FISIP UMM.

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This National Seminar would be attended by a number of national figures and experts in their fields including (1) CSIS Senior Researcher Prof.J. Kristiadi, (2) cultural practitioner M.Sobary, (3) FISIP UMM Sociology Expert Dr.Vina Salviana DS, M.Si, (4) Expert of Social Welfare Movement of FISIP UMM Dr.Oman Sukmana, M.Si, (5) Expert of Cultural Implantation of Nusantara FISIP UMM, Dr. Wahyudi, M.Si, (6) Traditional Communication Expert of FISIP UMM Muslimin Machmud, Ph.D, (7) Political Communication Expert of FISIP UMM Budi Suprapto, Ph.D, and (8) Management Expert of Social Services Organization of FISIP UMM Dr. Fauzik Lendriyono.

The seminar would also present the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Indonesian Culture, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.A.P as the Keynote Speaker. The national seminar would be held on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, at 08.00 in the Basement Dome of UMM with a target audience of 500 people from various elements of society. (win)



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