Islamic Medical Festival Raises Issues about Maternal and Child Health

Author : Humas | Monday, September 26, 2016 14:14 WIB
The event of Islamic Medical Festival Raises Issues about Maternal and Child Health

THE Islamic Studies of Ibn Sina Medical Association Forum (FK ISMA) Medical Faculty (FK) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) which under the Uhkhuwat Forum of Medical Faculty Da’wa Insitution (FULDFK) has an opportunity became host of competition and a national seminar on the 8th  Islamic Medical Science Festival (IMSF), Friday-Sunday (23-25 ​​/ 9) at UMM Auditorium.

The event was attended by various universities in Indonesia which was preceded by filtering the competition that were divided into several categories. Namely scientific writing competition, essay, Quran memorization, posters and videos. 50 finalists were invited to present their works at UMM. The allcompetitions under theme maternal and child health (MCH).

Chairman of IMSF Committee Fadil Muchamad stated, maternal and child health was still in the stage of worrying became one causes of the theme was raised.

FK UMM student  explained the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) was the attempt to reduce maternal and child mortality. MDGs targeted by 2015 to reduce the two-thirds ratio of under 5 years children’s deaths and to reduce the two-thirds ratio of maternal deaths when giving birth. "We hope  by holding this competition and national seminar at least able to provide solutions for residents surrounding these issues," The 7th student semester explained.

Not only that, another goal of holding this competition , Fadil said, to restore the glory of Islam in the Islamic medical science. "Virtually, all the sciences in the Quran, and the whole sciences should refer to the Quran," the student from Malang said.

Vice Dean of IFK UMM, dr Mochammad Ma'roef SpOG hoped that all participants in the competitions and seminars could spreaded the knowledge that had been gotten at UMM. Through the theme, the whole of participants and the committee has intend to make happy their parents. "After this, you should make your parents happy by learning and graduating on time," The Genekologist explained .

There were four experts who became the speakers at the 8th highlight IMSF seminar. The theme "Motherhood: Let's Become a Good Parent to Create an Extraordinary Generation", the four experts attracted the participants’ enthusiasms. dr. I Wayan Agung Indrawan Sp OG (K) which explained about the pregnancy, Dr. Dr. Vishnu Barlianto MSi Med SpA (K) which revealed about the immunization, national’s parenting expert Ustadz Fauzil Adhim, and Amelia Aziz CHt CPC MPsi, a psychologist who was also board of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) Malang discussed the horror of children in the digital age.

Wayan explained, the important factor of  pregnancy was the intended pregnancy. According to him, unintended pregnancy would affect parent and child treatment throughout his life.

"Family violence that was suffered by pregnant women will greatly affect the outcome of the fetus," Wayan sain.

This was the same to what Amelia Aziz’s expressed. "Child abuse is the case today," he said, "departing from the background of the readiness of parents to be parents," he continued.

Amelia stressed, motherhood was the spirit of maternal but the subject could be anyone, not merely the mother. For a child who lived with his grandmother, for instance, motherhood may came not from the mother, but a grandmother. Amelia explained it through Angelina’s violence who had dominated the media short times ago.

"Everyone says that the Angelina’ killer is his stepmother. But, in fact there is someone who kill before her stepmother. Who? His own mother. Why? Because the Angelina’s biological mother entrusts their child to the stranger. Its Analogy, the child is left in the jungle, do not blame if there is wild tiger in it, "he explained.

He emphasized that the most child’s needs was love and parent’s escort. Therefore, Amelia asked all participants who were prospective parents to prioritize the feasibility of affection which was given to children.

"Parents now, if they feel problem on  his child’s behavior, frequently puts the boarding school as the top way out. In fact, the parents has the most responsible for everything child’s shape. "

Reflecting through sexual violence that lately often coloured the news, Amelia stressed that the strong main source of mental came from his parents.

"Child who has strong mental is born from parents who has strong mental too. Fullfill the child’s right love , so child do not seek affection from the outside. Not going courting at the age of elementary school children, especially to sexual violence. This is not only my job as a psychologist, but your duties as student too, "He concluded. (Ich / jal / han)



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