Badhogan & Culture Festival Enlivens Kalitutup Gresik and Hoping to Become a New Culture Icon

Author : Humas | Monday, December 31, 2018 09:25 WIB
The performance of the Indie Onomastika music band that also enlivened the Gresik Badhogan & Culture festival. (Picture: Special)

The festival of Badhogan & Culture Gresik seems will be the icon of the new festival in Gresik. Because it was only held once, residents of Gresik Regency and surrounding areas came to the event that held by the Public Relations Practicum (PR) III of the Communication Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Saturday (29/12).

In addition to enlivening the colossal cultural performance, this event provided at least 60 tenants containing typical Gresik food and culture from 5 villages. That are Kroman and Sukodono, Pekelingan, Kemuteran and Kramatinggil villages. This event collaborated with the Badan Keswadayaan Masyarakat (BKM) 79 in Gresik Regency.

In this event, culinary lovers can find various foods in one place. Carrying the tagline "Gresik Ono Roso" or "Gresik Ada Rasa" consists of all types of foods and beverages typical of Gresik. Among of them are Krawu Rice, Ndok-ndokan (various eggs), Ubus, Kenyol Noodle, Sinom Ice, and Pudak snacks.

"Keeping up with Gresik's special food and drinks among modern beverage foods is a challenge. But in fact there are still many communities of Gersik are interested," said Ida Suryaningsih, one of the tenant sellers who saw the enthusiasm of the Gresik people in this event.

Closed with the screening of the movie "Di Suatu Tempat Di Mana Ada Kita". The film by the Gresik Movie community tells the story of paddy fields taken over by the company to build factories. The festival which was attended by approximately 6 thousand visitors was closed quite lively. Moreover, the event was enlivened by the sweet music band Indie Onomastika.

"I am happy if there is an event like this. The food is also rarely seen. There were also people selling it from Bawean Island. I have never been there but I have tested the food," said Izdi, one of the visitors from Surabaya.

The organizers of the Badhogan Festival and culture are also expected later the festival like this can be used as an annual agenda. In addition to introducing Gresik specialities which have rarely been present, it is also a place to showcase Gresik culture.

"Hopefully this Badhogan and Culinary Festival event can be continued as an annual event by Gresik youth," said Meidyo Gema Lazuardi, Chief Executive of Discover Gresik. (Win)



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