Fauzan was Reelected by Acclamation as UMM Rector Candidate for 2020-2024

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 31, 2019 12:28 WIB



Head of BPH Prof. Dr. H. A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc. giving his speech. (Photo: RIno/PR UMM)

Fauzan was re-elected as a rector candidate by acclamation in the Senate Meeting for the Election of the 2020-2024 Period in the UMM Senate Meeting Room, Monday (30/12). The event was attended by the Chairperson of the Daily Management Board, Prof. H.A. Malik Fadjar, M.Sc. and Chairman of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, M.A.P.

In addition, all members of the university senate, UMM Daily Board of Trustees, Muhammadiyah Regional Leaders of East Java and Muhammadiyah Regional Leaders throughout Malang, Management of the Student Executive Board, and the University Student Senate. The atmosphere event was so cozy, friendly, and kinship.

In this election, there were seven candidates who were verified by the election committee. They are Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd, Prof. Dr.Syamsul Arifin, M.Si, Prof. Dr., Tobroni, M.Si., Dr., Nazaruddin Malik, SE., MSi., Dr. Tulus Winarsunu, M.Si., Prof. Dr. Ir. Sujono, M. Kes, and Dr. H.Khozin, M.Si.

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The atmosphere of the senate meeting for the UMM Rector Election. (Photo: Rino/PR UMM)

Based on UMM Regulation Number 1 of 2019 concerning Procedure for Election, Consideration, and Determination of UMM Rector Candidates for the 2020-2024 Term of Office, Article 7 point 4 states that the election of candidates for rector in a democratic manner can be carried out by consensus or by voting. In this election process, all participants of the session agreed, the election of UMM rector would be done by consensus.

The Head of UMM Daily Board of Trustees, Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar, M.Si. advised, the greatness of Muhammadiyah must be supported by real Muhammadiyah activities. "Thank you for having committed to this university journey. The university must be a source of pride for regional leaders and the central leadership of Muhammadiyah. UMM must always serve the nation," said Malik.

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After the election process, Fauzan, the elected UMM Rector, stated that the cohesiveness that had been built before, especially during his leadership for the past four years had to be maintained. "Hopefully the cohesiveness that has been taught by our predecessors can be used as a basis for continuing to develop UMM to be even better in the future," said Fauzan.

The Chairman of the UMM Rector Election Committee, Dr. Oman Sukmana, M.Si., said that the decision of the rector election meeting this time was subsequently requested for approval from the East Java Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership and the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership to get Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd as UMM Rectorfor the Period of 2020-2024. (joh)



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