New Rector, New Era

Author : Humas | Monday, February 01, 2016 17:44 WIB
NEW ERA: The Head of PP Muhammadyah Dikti and Litbang, Prof. Dr. H. Lyncolin Arsyad, M.Sc (left) officially appointed Fauzan (right) as the new Rector of UMM (Photo by Rino Anugrawan/Humas UMM)

Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd was officially appointed as the new Rector of University of Muhammadyah Malang (UMM) by the Head of the Board of Dikti and Litbang Muhammadyah, Prof. H. Lyncolin Arsyad, M.Sc. Fauzan will lead UMM in 2016-2020 periode replacing the previous Rector, Prof. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, which had led UMM since 2000.

        The ceremony was held at Hall of Public Administration Bureau (BAU) on Monday January 1st. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of Muhammadyah, Dr. Haedar Nashir, M.Si, the Chief of UMM Development Board, Dr. HA Malik Fadjar, M.Sc, and the invitees of the higher ups of Muhammadyah Universities (PTM) and Muhammadyah autonomous organization,  lecturers, employees, and student activists.

        Muhadjir, in his parting speech, said that he was pleased because the transition ceremony was running beautifully and full of dignity. He said that the ceremony was in line with Muhammadyah tradition of always shows the elegant transition.

        Muhadjir said that the successes of UMM was the results of the efforts of the whole elements in UMM. He believed that Fauzan could carry out his job. “The next job is making UMM better and better,” he asserted.

        He hoped Fauzan will continue his unfinished programs. “The new Rector has to make his strategic plans and has a good vision to make UMM better and greater among universities in Indonesia,” Muhadjir said. He hoped that his successor will continue the concept of edupark in the near future. Edupark is the concept of education tour which UMM designed as the alternative tourism object for the people.

        Meanwhile, the elected new Rector, Fauzan, said that the success of UMM is the result of his predecessors leadership. “Especially Mr. Malik and Mr. Muhadjir due their ideas and actions which attracted the people. Their visions made UMM become of education standards in Indonesia.” That’s why, Fauzan hoped that both of them still remained as the part of UMM family because UMM still need their ideas and suggestions. “Both of them are not allowed to stop being our fathers,” he asserted.

        Fauzan, moreover, admitted that in order to develop UMM, running isn’t enough let alone walking. That’s why, he can’t only sit tight and has to do more actions. He believed that UMM can’t go further if there is no synergy between all UMM elements, especially the lecturers, employees and students. “All lecturers, employees and students have to work together. We can make many achievements together,” Fauzan asserted.

        According to Fauzan, the challenges that universities in Indonesia, UMM especially, will face is getting more complex. “UMM is not competing only in university level but competing also in the changes in social, economy and politic phenomenon,” Fauzan said.

        Furthermore, the Chief of Muhammadyah, Haedar Nashir hoped that UMM have to proceed to the new phase in which becoming the supplier of strategic ideas for Muhammadyah even after successfully becoming an excellent university. “Be the source of Muhammadyah ideas,” he asserted.

        According to Haedar, the transition ceremony contained a profound message which is the transformation process of ideas and inspirations. UMM as one of the Muhammadyah universities is expected to be the proponent of Muhammadyah movement. He admitted that the existence of UMM and the other Muhammadyah universities made Muhammadyah optimistic in facing the second era. That’s why he asked Fauzan as the new UMM captain to keep on managing the great ideas born from this university. “UMM is intellectual capital of the Muhammadyah movement,” Haedar added.

            In line with Haedar, Malik Fadjar stated that the existence of UMM and the other Muhammadyah efforts establish Islam as the driving force. So, he asked these entire elements compact in realizing the dreams of Muhammadyah. That’s why, in his opinion, UMM and Muhammadyah have to strengthen their management so both organization can help each other. Malik also reminded that everything has to be done with steady steps, well-programmed and planned. (han/t_rfd)


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