Faculty of Islamic UMM Collaborate with One of the World's Best University

Author : Humas | Friday, September 27, 2019 10:18 WIB
Prof Azhar Ibrahim Alwee (right) after signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) (Photo: Rizky/PR UMM)

Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Studies (FAI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Prof. Tobroni and Deputy Head of the Department of Malay Studies (DMS), National University of Singapore (NUS), Prof. Azhar Ibrahim Alwee signed a memorandum of understanding (Letter of Commitment of Action and Collaboration / LCAC) in academics, intellectualism, and student activism.

Crucial issues discussed in the memorandum of understanding (LCAC) were related to collaboration in the field of lecturer and student exchanges, research collaboration, curriculum review, international journal reviewers, and awarding Ph.D. scholarships. Many clauses that were agreed by both parties actually provided more opportunities and benefits for UMM.

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This important event was held on Monday 23 September 2019, coinciding with the agenda of the International Seminar and Sharing Session on Academic Culture and Student Activism in Malay-Indonesian Universities, which was held in collaboration with the UMM Islamic Family Law Study Program (HKI) and DMSNUS. Not just Prof. Tobroni and Prof. Azhar, Dr. Pradana Boy ZTF (senior IPR lecturer, who now serves as the Special Staff Assistant of the President in International Religion) and Dr. (Cand.) Idaul Hasanah (Chair of IPR Study Program) present as the guest speakers.


On the occasion that was held at the 4th Floor of GKB IV Seminar Room, Prof. Azhar explained that Only with genuine intellectual struggle and strong moral enlightenment, threats and problems that people face can be overcome. "It means, therefore, the campus does not only discuss academic matters, but also intellectualism and activism which are solutive for social and humanitarian problems. In this context, students must also be actively involved in it,"said Azhar.

Furthermore, Azhar emphasized that the intellectual-academic movement need strong leadership. With strong leadership, activism can move well, significantly and beneficially. "Therefore, our free time must not only be spent on academic matters but also non-academic," he said.

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Meanwhile, according to Pradana, World of mass activism must consider the importance of critical awareness. With critical awareness, we will be able to deal with the spread of hoaxes and excessive religious zeal (takfir or disbelief). Moreover, we live in an era of advanced information technology development and post-truth trends.

On the other hand, Dr. (Cand.) Idaul encouraged students to upgradetheir intellectual qualities and activism. "If we master these two fields, then we have greater opportunities in order to contribute to the development of the nation. In fact, also the development of humanitarian civilization,"he said.

In the final part of the collaborative program, many UMM students activists who were interested in completing their final assignment at NUS and guided by experts in the fields of social sciences and humanities. In addition, young lecturers are also interested in continuing their doctoral studies at this 12th world-ranked campus (NUS). Both of these programs are fully supported by NUS. (joh)



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