Fahd Pahdepie: A Good Narrative Is Capable of Changing Someone's Life

Author : Humas | Monday, September 10, 2018 11:04 WIB
Fahd Pahdepie told his experience meeting with Bang Talo

Narration is a real form of battle in this world. It was told by Fahd Pahdepie, a writer and young entrepreneur who was a speaker at the Taaruf of New Students and National Seminar, Saturday (8/9). About 900 new students from all faculties at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) filled the hall of the Lecture Building (GKB 3) UMM to attend this event.

This event was a form of student introduction with Muhammadiyah youth and organizations, Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM). Bringing theme of the Students’ Role in Answering Challenges in the Millennial Era, Fahd provided a lot of his personal experience. He pinned out how the power of narrative built can make a person survive.

"The story is our bargaining power. The story is something that makes us survive. You can be here because of the quality of the stories of your life," he said Saturday (8/9).

Fahd, who was an immawan, the name for IMM cadres, invited seminar participants to believe in the power of ideas. If it is not managed properly, ideas can produce wrong actions. Fahd then shared the story of 'Bang Tato', which is a true story of a market thug who migrated.

"In the case of terrorism and radicalism, the person like Bang Tato have been used by certain groups to become a commander," Fahd said.

Through the story of Bang Tato, as a millennial generation, Fahd wants the participants to be able to take lessons that the ideas in one's mind can make them change and bring the change whether it's good or bad.

"The power of narration can change people. For example, Bang Tato, he has a new unit and he can move from what was once considered a community waste to people who have job and so on," he explained.

Sri Yunita Mauliza, a freshman from Lombok majoring in psychology who participated in the event revealed her satisfaction in attending this event.

"This is very educational, interesting, and motivating. The speakers who presented were not half-hearted, there were so many things can be learned from this seminar," she concluded. (ard)



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