UMM Prepares the Students to Face MEA

Author : Humas | Monday, December 14, 2015 14:22 WIB
Vice Rector III, Dr. Diah Karmiyati, Psi (center) visited one of the participant tenants.

Approximately 50 tenants of UMM students and alumnus joined the Entrepreneur Expo of UMM Students and Alumnus held at UMM Helipad on Monday, December 14. There are various products displayed in the tenants such as online business, franchise, and home-made products. The displayed products vary, started from cuisines, fashion, and service products.

The jury committees are to seek the winner among those participants. The committees think that by seeking the winner, it will lit the competitive atmosphere among the students. The prospective participants are to make their business plan long before the expo is started and their business plan to the committee. The jury committees will judge based on the concordance between their business plan and the products they display in the expo.

“In order to face MEA (ASEAN Economic Community), the students have to be independent, they cannot rely on the institution. They are expected to make their own employment,” stated by Dr. Diah Karmiyati, Psi, UMM Vice Rector III. Diah also stated that this expo can be really useful for the students to compete not only regionally but also nationally.

“There will be very competitive in the near future. Even when they can compete academically, for example they can be public service officer (PNS) or can’t even join the company industry, they still can make use of their skill to be entrepreneurs,” she asserted.

A staff of UMM Student Affairs Bureau which is also the person in charge of the event, Vian Zulfikarijah, stated that UMM students need this kind of event in order to actualize and express their entrepreneurial spirit. “The more entrepreneurs in a certain country, the more economically advanced and stable that country is. We expect that by holding this event, UMM students will be motivated to become entrepreneurs,” she asserted.

This year event is different comparing to the last year event. Last year, the event was only held in a day but this year, the event is held in two days. The reason is simply to attract more students to come visiting the expo tenants. “I’m really happy joining this year expo. I honestly want to participate last year expo but I failed because I was late to apply. Finally, here I am,” said Amik, one of the entrepreneurial expo participants.

There are, in fact, many ways of the students to show their products. Zaidur Razaq, a Management students, is one of the examples. Zaidur only started his business last March, but it can be said that his business is progressing really well with as he makes around 1 million as his monthly income.

There are approximately 20 business partners join his business which is known as Bunda Citra Food. His first budget was only IDR 150,000 and now he is successful through his business. “I got loans from my friend and lecturers to start this business. I used the loaned money to develop my business to this extent,” he asserted. (nov/zul/han/t_rfd)



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