Lira Liru Bamboo Event Which is Eco-friendly

Author : Humas | Monday, June 24, 2019 14:14 WIB
The atmosphere of the Boonpring Andeman Ecotourism during the Lira Liru Bamboo event
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Through the creativity of Public Relations (PR) practicum 3 students of Communication Studies University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), UMM's assisted area will be one of the new events that will become a new icon of Ecotourism Boonpring Andeman, Sanankerto Village, Turen, Malang Regency. Sunday (23/6) Lira Liru Bamboo Festival was held.

Bringing the theme of Malang-Village Bamboo Festival with Power of Citizens Working, this event raised the issue of eco-friendliness. "We want to convey a message to all elements of society to continue to protect the environment. However, global warming toward environmental change is a very significant effect, "he concluded.

This activity is realized in a series of events, namely in the form of Traditional Bamboo Market, Longest Sego Empog Dining, Parade and Bamboo Crafts Exhibition, Exhibition of 65 Types of Bamboo Seeds, Flashmob Angklung, Traditional Playground, and Entertainment with traditional integrates of other local wisdom.

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Through bamboo innovation and presenting a traditional atmosphere, this event will become a new icon of Boonpring Ecotourism. "Among other things is by appreciating bamboo handicrafts here which is the majority depend on bamboo and farming," said Qurrotul Aini, the head of the event.

Explained by Aini, Gebyar Bamboo Lira Liru also brought collaboration action between the communities and UMM in order to increase the value of bamboo through programs, as well as creative and innovative content. "Especially for this spectacular event, we involve many parties to participate in collaboration," he explained.

UMM is the pioneer for the development of New Renewable Energy (EBT), by building a Micro Hydro Power Plant (MHP) station. The Chairman of the UMM MHP Technical Team, Ir Suwignyo, MT explained this MHP is to support water source conservation in Andeman and integrated ecotourism development

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During the day, it can be used for rural productive activities and the development of pump irrigation in agro-tourism areas. It can also be used as a renewable energy science-technology tourism education park. At night, it was used for lighting tourist areas and the surrounding environment.

MHP Village Sanankerto relied on 0.50 M3 per second of water discharge by extracting it from Andeman water sources. The turbines used were different from those used in the MHP at UMM before. "The Boonpring turbine uses a vertical shaft propeller. If we succeed, we will develop it for turbine production and will be sold, "he said. (Win)



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